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  • Shoujian to our most lovely "she"


    Who is she? It's a mother, a daughter, a wife, a colleague She plays n identities, she can hold up half the sky, and she is herself. Gentle and beautiful, happy free and easy, dimples like flowers, brilliant, pioneering, riding the wind and waves Today, March 8 international working women's day, I wish all women can become better themselves. In this beautiful day, the company has also prepared festival gifts for the staff goddess who are struggling in the front line of work, and sent Fes

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  • Yellow Sea Institute of science and technology was selected as a major project of Shandong Province in 2021


    On the afternoon of March 3, the website of Shandong Provincial People's government released the document notice on Issuing the list of major projects in Shandong Province in 2021, informing that the project of Huanghai Institute of science and technology and industrial park was selected as the major implementation projects in Shandong Province in 2021.Huanghai science and Technology Research Institute and industrial park project is invested and constructed by Huanghai science and Technology

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  • First construction in 2021, Bincheng spring key projects centralized commencement ceremony was held in Huanghai Institute of science and technology!


    On the morning of February 26, the spring key project commencement ceremony of Binzhou City in 2021 was held. At the same time, Bincheng District held the centralized commencement ceremony of major projects in the spring of 2021 at Huanghai science and Technology Research Institute of capital construction group. Bai Pinghe, Secretary of the district Party committee and President of the Party school, Zhang Qian, deputy secretary and head of the district Party committee, Li Jianhan, deputy secreta

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  • Shoujian Secretary Bai Pinghe came to the company to preside over the "Yellow Sea" project planning report meeting


    On the afternoon of February 18, Bai Pinghe, Secretary of the district Party committee and President of the Party school, presided over the planning report meeting of Huanghai science and Technology Research Institute in the east conference room on the first floor of the company. Zhao zengyong, Bian Hongfang, the District Finance Bureau, the district natural resources Protection Bureau, the planning and Design Institute and other relevant leaders attended the meeting. Shen Xiaofeng, chairman of

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  • Safety production meeting after capital construction festival held


    In order to further strengthen the enterprise's safety defense line and do a good job in the enterprise's safety production after the festival, the company held a special meeting on safety production after the festival in the factory on the morning of February 18. The meeting was presided over by Zhao Wei, deputy director of the safety committee and chief operating officer of the company. Li Jianjun, chief executive officer of the company, Yu Xindi, chief technical officer of the company

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  • The first construction of new year!


    Happy new year. On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2021, Shoujian agricultural group has sent new year's wishes to every employee and thanks all employees for their hard work for the development of the company in the past year.Shoujian agricultural group has always attached great importance to the humanistic care for its employees. Every Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, Spring Festival and other traditional festivals, it will provide the employees with considerate and affordable

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  • Shoujian | Co., Ltd. held the spirit propaganda meeting of "the fifth session of the 10th National People


    In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of Bincheng District People's Congress and deeply understand the new deployment and new requirements of Bincheng District for our company...

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  • Shoujian company held safety committee meeting in January


    At 9:00 a.m. on January 28, the company held a meeting of the safety committee in the conference room of the synthesis plant. Shen Xiaofeng, chairman of the board of directors of the company, Li Jianjun, chief executive officer, heads of departments, workshop directors and members of the safety committee attended the meeting. Zhao Wei, deputy director of the safety committee, presided over the meeting. The meeting summarized the situation of the company's work safety in January, analyzed the

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