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Shoujian group's special meeting on environmental protection was successfully held

In order to convey the requirements of the special meeting on the ecological environment of industrial enterprises in the region and make arrangements for the second inspection of the Ministry of ecological environment, Shoujian agricultural group held a special meeting on environmental protection in the east conference room of the synthesis plant of the production department at 10:30 a.m. on August 28. Shen Xiaofeng, chairman of Shoujian agricultural group, Li Jianjun, CEO, and all senior executives and heads of production departments in Binhai attended the meeting.


At the meeting, chairman Shen Xiaofeng conveyed the spirit of the special meeting on the ecological environment of industrial enterprises in the region, analyzed the severe forms of environmental protection currently faced, required everyone to take responsibility, act according to law, pay attention to the odor problems reported by the masses and VOC exceeding the standard, so as to ensure that the environmental protection data are true and complete and the online detection operation is standardized. He asked the whole company to act immediately and enter the wartime state. All departments should control the responsibility area and do a good job in on-site management. The production site should be spotless, do it bit by bit and work hard in peacetime. He stressed that the group company has been paying attention to the safety, environmental protection and digital construction of enterprises, and strive to go to the forefront and form advantages.


Zhao Wei, chief operating officer, conveyed the specific contents of the meeting, requiring that: first, the sewage discharge should meet the standard, and the fluoride should not exceed the standard; Second, the workshop shall strengthen odor control and the visiting car shall be tested every day; Third, the hazardous waste warehouse shall prepare documents and materials, and the data shall be true; Fourth, the security personnel should give a warm reception. Then, he read out the commitment of corporate environmental law-abiding subject signed by chairman Shen Xiaofeng on behalf of the company and the park.


Subsequently, Zhao Wei arranged the route for Zhang Qian, head of Bincheng District, to visit the plant on the afternoon of the 28th, and again stressed the six percentages of dust control: 100% standard enclosure in the construction area; 100% coverage of bare loess; 100% hardening of construction road; 100% closed haulage of muck transport vehicles; 100% washing and cleaning of vehicles entering and leaving the construction site; 100% wet operation of building demolition. Finally, specific requirements are put forward for the on-site management of Yier plant.


CEO Li Jianjun pointed out that the high-pressure situation of environmental protection work is increasing year by year. We can't avoid it. We can only face it and take the initiative to solve the problems existing in the current enterprise. Check the existing environmental protection problems, conduct self inspection and self correction, find out solutions, effectively improve the problems of sewage stock, actively mobilize everyone to find problems, take problems as the guide, make a summary, and establish relevant mechanisms.

Through this meeting, Shoujian agricultural group will continue to carry out various environmental protection rectification work, take an attitude and resolutely implement it. We will take strong measures and practical measures to do a solid job in the comprehensive management of environmental protection, earnestly implement various tasks, and resolutely complete the task of environmental protection.

Letter of commitment on responsibility of enterprise environmental law-abiding subject


Our company is aware of the laws and regulations such as the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of water pollution, the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of air pollution, the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, and the regulations on the administration of pollutant discharge permits, and strictly abides by them. The commitments are as follows:

  1、 Strictly implement the main responsibility of enterprise pollution prevention and control, establish and implement the responsibility system for air, water and solid waste pollution prevention and control and pollutant discharge management, and ensure that the requirements of laws and regulations are implemented in place.

2、 Take effective measures to collect and treat all wastewater generated, prevent water environmental pollution and ecological damage, disclose water pollution prevention and control information according to law, and actively accept social supervision; Self monitor the discharged pollutants in accordance with the provisions of the pollutant discharge permit and relevant monitoring specifications, and keep the original monitoring records; Discharge pollutants according to law to ensure the normal operation of pollution prevention and control facilities and the discharge of pollutants up to standard; Regulate the discharge of pollutants according to the types and methods of pollutants specified in the discharge permit.

3、 Strengthen the maintenance of pollution control facilities and monitoring equipment, ensure the normal operation of equipment and accurate data transmission, and ensure the discharge of pollutants up to standard; Carry out comprehensive treatment of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and improve the management account of VOCs related materials; Strengthen bypass management and remove unnecessary bypass; The material storage yard shall be constructed with dust prevention and control measures in accordance with the standards of "air dispersion prevention, ground loss prevention and underground leakage prevention", and shall be equipped with video monitoring.

4、 Establish an industrial solid waste management account to truthfully record the type, quantity, flow direction, storage, utilization and disposal of industrial solid waste; Set up hazardous waste identification marks for containers and packages of hazardous waste and facilities and places for the collection and disposal of hazardous waste; Formulate hazardous waste management plan according to regulations.

5、 All industrial solid wastes and hazardous wastes shall be stored, utilized and disposed in accordance with relevant national regulations and environmental protection standards. They shall not be dumped or stacked without authorization. They shall not be provided or entrusted to unqualified units.

6、 Do not illegally transfer, dump, landfill and utilize the industrial solid waste and hazardous waste generated by disposal, nor provide convenience for the illegal transfer, transportation, loading and unloading, dumping, receiving, stacking and other treatment and disposal of industrial solid waste and hazardous waste prohibited by laws and regulations.

7、 During the period of central environmental protection supervision, we will resolutely implement eco-environmental policies, regulations and standards, mainly accept on-site law enforcement inspection, supervision and management, and ensure the stable and up to standard discharge of pollutants. In case of illegal discharge, excessive discharge, abnormal operation of pollution control facilities and other violations, we are willing to bear all legal responsibilities.

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