Strengthen market research, increase technology input, research and develop products that market urgently needed to meet the urgent needs of farmers.

(1) Make good use of our Shanghai research and development base, do a good job of international cooperation and create new patented pesticide products to serve agriculture, rural areas and farmers .  

(2) The company's product department is constantly innovating in the mixture, launch new formulations, new compound products adapted to the market every year, to solve the urgent needs of farmers.

(3) Close cooperation with higher education institues and research institutes. Bring their research and development results to our company. Continuously enrich our production chain, to meet the needs of various crops throughout the country. 

(4) We cooperate with foreign companies, introduce foreign products, make differentiation on products, create more value for us and our excellent partners.

The company always regards technological innovation and product development as the driving force and source of enterprise development, annual funds for research and development account for more than 8% of the company's total profits.

The company has set up the advanced pesticide independent innovative private research and development institutions, and cooperate with Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, set up an international  scientific research company in Shanghai Zizuyuan -- Shanghai Zhongke Qiaochang Crop Protection Co., Ltd. We are engaged in research and development of new pesticide compounds, optimize processes and study on technical transformation of existing varieties. At present, international multinational companies, top ranking plant protection enterprise in the world such as Syngenta, DuPont, Bayer, etc. have started research and development cooperation with Shanghai Zhongke Qiaochang Crop Protection Co., Ltd.

In addition, the company has established a long-term technical cooperation relationship with the National Pesticide Engineering Research Center of Nankai University, Zhejiang Chemical Technology Group and Shenyang Chemical Technology Group, and has cooperative developed a number of varieties herbicide with independent intellectual property rights , such as herbicide-monosulfuron-ester, herbicide-Yucaojing .

Our company focus on product brand and enterprise brand building. Quality products and quality service have become consumers’  choice. Qiaochang’s products have been highly recognized by the management department and consumers, has won the "National High-tech Enterprises", "China Top Brand" products, "China Well-known" trademark, "Herbicide Technology Alliance", "National key new products", "Top 500 Chinese Chemical Enterprises", "Academician Workstation", "Famous Trademark of Shandong Province"," Provincial-level Innovation Pilot Enterprise", "Provincial technology research and Development Center” , "National Education Top 100 Advanced Units "," Provincial bank credit rating AAA units " and other honorary titles.

 With the rapid change of Chinese agricultural market economy, agricultural production and management enterprises have get into the period of big adjustment, big integration, and big elimination. According to the status of China's agricultural production and management, the company established a develop concept of" Science and Technology Qiaochang ,Service Qiaochang, Green Qiaochang, Happy Qiaochang ", a core value of " Customer First, Quality Outstanding, Honest and Trustworthy, Human Oriented ", and a business vision of " Committed to the field of agricultural science and technology services, become an excellent Chinese modern agricultural overall service provider with ideals and faith ".

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