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Qiaochang Appears at the Double Trade Fair of Plant Protection with New Products, Fulfilling the Original Intent of Serving Agriculture


On November 19, 2023, the 37th China Plant Protection Information Exchange and Pesticide Equipment Trading Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Double Fair") kicked off in Changsha! The theme of this conference is "Scientific Drug Use and Green Development", which attracted visits and exchanges from a large number of dealers. The number of on-site visitors on the first day of the exhibition exceeded 150000. As a high-tech agricultural enterprise, Qiaochang Modern Agriculture has always been committed to providing innovative solutions throughout the entire industry chain for modern agriculture. In order to fulfill the purpose of serving agriculture, company leaders, marketing department, and administrative department have organized a group to participate in the Plant Protection Double Trade Fair.


The Qiaochang Modern Agriculture Exhibition Booth attracted a large number of dealers to stop, visit, and exchange ideas at the conference. The booth showcases well-known products such as Jin'an Qiaohu, Xinghoe, and Knife Light Sword Shadow, as well as preparation products such as Caofei (enoxazone), Ge Er (ethoxyfluorofen), and Tanchun Xian (propichlor), as well as new products that are about to be launched in 2024, as well as a key display of document layout for the next 1-5 years.


At the Double Trade Fair, Qiaochang people used a warm and sincere attitude to discuss and plan product marketing plans with a large number of visitors, exchange industry changes and market development trends, and gained the trust and recognition of the majority of visitors.


At present, Qiaochang Modern Agriculture closely revolves around the national "agricultural science and technology" strategy, driving technological progress and industrial upgrading through technological innovation. It collaborates with numerous scientific research units to create innovative consortia, improve the level of green and intelligent, and form industrial systems such as pesticides, seeds, agricultural services, and industrial internet.


In the future, Qiaochang Modern Agriculture will continue to focus on green agriculture and jointly build beautiful rural areas as its corporate mission, practice the corporate purpose of serving agriculture and taking root in agriculture, rural areas, and farmers. It will always adhere to the development concept of "technology, service, green, and happiness", build a trustworthy and win-win agricultural science and technology ecosystem, and strive to become the most excellent science and technology service enterprise in Chinese agriculture, contributing to national prosperity, national rejuvenation, and people's happiness. Qiaochang, come on! Come on, Chinese agriculture!


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