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The First Construction | Group Fire Brigade Professional Skills Competition Successfully Held


On the morning of October 31st, the professional skills competition of the First Construction Agricultural Group Fire Brigade officially kicked off at the factory fire training ground. The purpose of this event is to test the training results of the fire brigade and further improve the overall quality and emergency rescue capabilities of the team.


There are three forms of martial arts competitions: individual competition, team collaboration, and full participation, with three events set up: 100 meter obstacle, two person five belt connection, and 200 meter preliminary fire control exercises.


Before the competition, the participating team members draw lots to determine the order of the competition. The head of the security department, Wu Xixuan, provided a detailed explanation of the competition rules and precautions for the participating team members. During the competition, the participating team members worked together and strictly followed the competition rules to participate in the competition. The competition process was exciting and fair. The entire competition schedule is compact and the atmosphere is lively.


After the competition, Wang Xufei, Deputy General Manager of the Administrative Office, announced the results of the competition and congratulated the team members who achieved the rankings. The martial arts competition is a demonstration and test of regular training. The next step is to continue to make a good training plan, strictly demand oneself, and strive to become an excellent firefighter.


Through the martial arts competition, the daily training level of the fire brigade was comprehensively tested. In the future, we will take this martial arts competition as an opportunity to continue to strengthen daily training, focus on "combat effectiveness standards", strengthen "promoting training through competition", and transform the "experience" of the competition into "effectiveness", truly enabling the fire protection forces to play an important role in fire prevention and emergency rescue.


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