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First Construction | The company organized the "Learn from the Excellent Style of the Army and Inherit the Excellent Red Tradition" Red Tour activity


To revisit the red history, strengthen party spirit education, stimulate everyone's love for the party, and continuously enhance their awareness of striving for excellence, excellence, and dedication. From October 20th to 22nd, the company organized more than 50 party members, active party members, and outstanding employee representatives to carry out the "Red Journey" activity in Anhui, Xuzhou, and other places, following the glorious footsteps of the martyrs, revisiting revolutionary history, and drawing on the strength of the new era.


The first stop was the Chinese People's Liberation Army 66220 unit stationed in Chuzhou, Anhui. The company and its team were warmly welcomed by the stationed troops, visiting the Red Corridor of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xiongfeng Square, Brigade History Museum, class internal affairs, explanation of light weapons and armored vehicle yards, and experiencing various materials, equipment, and facilities of the army in the new era in person. Everyone occasionally exclaimed and applauded while watching. The leaders of the stationed troops expressed gratitude to the company for supporting the construction of the troops and presented a banner. At the same time, they introduced us to the glorious history and outstanding achievements of the troops. This visit to the military allowed colleagues to experience the execution power and fearless spirit of the military up close, which will be of great help to their future work and life.


The 66220 unit was born in the "11 · 4" uprising launched by the Jiaodong Special Committee in Kunyu Mountain, Wendeng, Shandong in 1935. This was the only Red Army unit left in the north at that time, except for northern Shaanxi; During the Anti Japanese War, it was the Jiaodong Detachment of the Eighth Route Army; In September 1948, he became the first unit of the People's Liberation Army to enter the inner city of Jinan. Chairman Mao personally signed an order and awarded the honorary title of "Jinan First Regiment". The traditional spirit of the brigade is to strive for tasks, first place, and top achievements. 56 heroic collectives and over 190 individual heroes have emerged, including the "Jinan Hero Company", the "Old Mountain Battle Defending Hero Company", the "Ten Braves of Mashi Mountain", and the "First Ship Crossing the River from a Thousand Miles". Especially the 56 banners symbolizing the honor of the army, which are sealed in the Brigade History Museum, are not only a testament to the remarkable achievements of this army, but also a synonym for "fighting hard, daring to fight hard, and never giving up". The characteristic brand of the military party committee team has become "one voice for implementation, one mind for work, one spirit for first place, and one integrity to lead the troops". Truly implement the spirit of following the Party's command, being able to win battles, and having a good work style.


The second stop was in Xuzhou City, where we visited the Huaihai Campaign Memorial Hall. The entire staff first paid attention to the Huaihai Campaign Memorial Tower. In front of the memorial tower, Party branch secretary Shen Xiaofeng led party members and comrades to face the bright red party flag, review the oath of joining the party, and recall the original intention of joining the party.


During the visit, everyone gained a detailed understanding of the various stages of the Huaihai Campaign and delved into the glorious deeds of heroic figures. Although we are in the era of peace, we still need to inherit and carry forward the spirit of the Huaihai Campaign, support the CPC, support the People's Liberation Army, practice the original mission on the new journey with practical actions, and contribute youth to the construction and development of the motherland.

Next, I also visited the Three Wonders of the Han Dynasty and the Ma Tai Scenic Area to experience the spiritual baptism brought by history and culture.


The wind is good, the sails are hanging, and striving is just the right time. Comrades who participated in the event expressed that taking this red education activity as an opportunity, we will promote the revolutionary spirit, inherit the red gene, unite our hearts, forge ahead, and devote ourselves to work and life with a stronger sense of responsibility and greater enthusiasm. The company will lead the high-quality development of the company with high-quality party building, solidly promote various work, form a work pattern where party building and business resonate and converge in the same frequency and direction, and contribute new strength to the construction of high-quality Binzhou with more responsible practical actions.

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