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The first science and technology Party branch was established to celebrate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China!

In order to inherit and carry forward the fine traditions of the party and enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of Party members, on the morning of July 1, Party members and cadres of the company, led by shenxiaofeng, Secretary of the Party branch, went to the red education base of Binzhou senior technical school to carry out the party spirit education activities of "welcoming the grand event, forging loyalty, strengthening responsibility and entrepreneurial performance".

At the scene, Comrade Wang Xufei, the organization member of the Party branch, led everyone to review the oath of joining the party. Comrade Shen Xiaofeng told everyone about the content of the activity. He asked each party member to deeply understand the hardships of the revolution from the visit and study, not forget the original intention, keep the mission firmly in mind, inherit and carry forward the great spirit of Party building, and temper the political character of the Communists.


Binzhou senior technical school was founded in 1987. Its red school running experience was reported by the Shandong Provincial Department of education as the top ten excellent cases of cultural construction of secondary vocational schools in the province and the excellent case of the "civilized style" activity of national secondary vocational schools. It is an advanced unit of red school running in Shandong Province and a theoretical propaganda base in Shandong Province, and has won the honorary titles of advanced grassroots party organization in Bincheng District.


Led by the commentator, the party members visited the statue of Chairman Mao in Dongfanghong square and learned the story behind the statue in detail. The buildings and roads of the school are named after the red revolutionary base and famous battles. In it, everyone has been influenced and received a profound education in revolutionary history.


    The school also spread a song: "stay in" Yan'an "and go to" Shaoshan "; Follow the "Huaihai Road" to "Gutian" in a moment; Jiaxing building training, labor Nanniwan; Singing "Oriental red, return to Jinggangshan", this is a true portrayal of the daily life of the students of the municipal senior technical school. Place names with strong historical flavor and revolutionary memories endow each building of the school with "red coordinates". Without leaving school for a day, every student can walk around China's major red memorial sites and have a lively party lesson. A visit to the school campus is like looking through a miniature picture of the history of the Chinese revolution. Red theme elements can be seen everywhere.


In Shaoshan building, I visited the exhibition hall of the portraits of great men in red, the exhibition hall of people in Pingyu, the exhibition hall of the revolutionary spirit of the old Bohai Sea and the school history hall. Pictures and moving stories brought you back to those eventful years, and I deeply realized that the Communist Party of China has made great contributions to the country, the people, the nation and the world in the past 100 years. Encourage everyone to carry forward the spirit of revolutionary martyrs who are not afraid of sacrifice and suffering, forge ahead and work hard.


In Beiping building, all members visited the red collection exhibition hall. They carefully browsed the historical materials and pictures and appreciated the precious cultural relics. The moving heroic deeds and shining revolutionary artifacts systematically and comprehensively show the glorious course of the CPC leading the broad masses of the people to work hard.


In Jiaxing building, all members visited the students' 3D printing technology achievements, CNC lathes and other professional teaching equipment under the red education. Party members stopped from time to time to watch carefully the buildings restored by students using 3D printing technology, such as the site of a major conference, Jiaxing Hongchuan, Shaoshan Comrade Mao Zedong's former residence and so on.


We walked on the steps paved by history and visited the three-story exhibition hall. The general calligraphy and painting hall and the old film hall let people remember the past, and the National Defense Education Hall and the military experience hall let people focus on the present. The most impressive is the Centennial party history exhibition hall and the military history hall. 155 historical events and countless heroic deeds of the people's Liberation Army all urge us not to forget our original intention. "Even in times of peace, we should have the spirit of soldiers". This sentence is even more enlightening after observing the long march road in the exhibition hall.


In the process of on-site observation, Party members discussed while walking, learning and deeply inspired by education. Everyone agreed that a happy life is not easy, and the journey is long, only struggle! We should strengthen our ideals and beliefs, inherit the fine traditions, work hard, inherit the red gene, carry forward the realistic and pragmatic work style, dare to take responsibility, perform their duties and duties, and take practical actions to pay tribute to the 20th CPC National Congress.


Through this visit and study, Party members have expressed that they should strengthen their ideals and beliefs, never forget their original intentions, keep their mission firmly in mind, further refine the cultivation of party spirit, listen to the party's words, follow the party, and devote themselves to work and life with a more high spirited state of mind, so as to give full play to the vanguard role of Party members and add positive energy to the cause of the party.


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