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The 2022 work safety knowledge competition of Shoujian Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held!

In order to thoroughly implement the company's work safety spirit, adhere to the policy of "safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment", and firmly establish the idea that people-oriented and safety production responsibility is more important than Mount Tai; After research, the company decided to launch the first scientific and technological "safety knowledge competition" on the occasion of the 21st "safety production month" in China.


The preliminary round will take the form of written examination, with a total of 21 teams participating in the preliminary round. Zhang Wei, the deputy general manager of Shoujian technology, and duyiming, the security department, served as the invigilator of the preliminary contest. The written examination ranked from high to low according to the results. Finally, 8 teams emerged from the written examination and entered the finals.


On the afternoon of June 17, the final segment of the first construction technology safety knowledge competition was held in the West conference room on the first floor. Shenxiaofeng, chairman of Shoujian agricultural group, lijianjun and Zhao Wei, vice presidents, Zhang Wen, rotating executive general manager of Shoujian Technology Co., Ltd., Zhang Wei, deputy general manager, qinjitao, EHS director and other company leaders attended the meeting.


The final competition adopts the integral system, which is divided into three types: must answer questions, rush answer questions and risk questions. The competition contents include laws and regulations on work safety, emergency rescue, hazardous chemicals, disaster prevention and mitigation and other knowledge.



During the competition, a question answering session was set up for the audience. The audience actively participated in the answer, and the on-site answer atmosphere was warm.


After fierce competition, the storage team won the championship, the finance team won the second place, and the alachlor team won the third place. Subsequently, the leaders of the company presented certificates and prizes to the winning teams and individuals.


Best organization award


the first prize


second award


third award


Participation Award

Through the safety production knowledge competition, the staff's safety production knowledge reserve has been further improved, the enterprise's safety development concept has been established, the safety production responsibilities of personnel at all levels of the enterprise have been implemented, the company's safety cultural activities have been enriched, the enterprise's safety management has been strengthened, and the implementation of the company's safety production objectives has been promoted.


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