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The first building | post training, strong skills and skills, martial arts competition and exhibition!

The skills competition is an important measure for the company to improve the quality and professional skills of the staff, and it is also a comprehensive inspection and promotion of the talent team construction. On June 16, the engineering department held a skills competition for department employees in the factory. This competition consists of four items: Post theory examination, metal welding and cutting, electrical troubleshooting and maintenance, and automatic equipment maintenance. A total of 28 people participated in the competition. The competition covers a wide range of contents and is closely combined with practical work. According to the characteristics of each post, the competition referee and the jury team formulate corresponding competition rules and scoring standards to ensure that the competition is conducted under the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality.


The skills competition among employees is not only an exchange of ideas, styles and technologies, but also a centralized review of employees' spiritual outlook, technical level and will quality. It is also a general mobilization to guide and deepen employees' post training, post success and post dedication. The spirit of striving and enterprising of the participants was fully displayed, forming a strong atmosphere of competition, learning, catching up and surpassing.



This activity not only improves the professional skills and business abilities of employees, but also finds, trains and brings up a group of highly skilled and highly skilled employees, and inspires and mobilizes the employees' enthusiasm for work based on their own duties and striving for first-class; This is also a measure to carry forward the "craftsman spirit of the times" and achieve innovation and excellence for enterprises and employees.


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