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Shoujian | director Cheng Daoquan of Jingbo holding group and his party came to the enterprise for cooperation and exchange

On July 22, chengdaoquan, director of Beijing Bo holding group and chairman and general manager of Jingbo Agricultural Chemical Co., Ltd., came to our company for cooperation and exchange. Leaders of the first construction Agricultural Group CEO Li Jianjun, CIO zhanghongxia, CFO zhengyuanchun and CTO Yu Xindi attended the meeting.


At the exchange meeting, Li Jianjun, CEO of Shoujian agricultural group, warmly welcomed the visit of Jingbo group. He said that Jingbo holding group is a highly influential enterprise in the industry. Shoujian agricultural group is highly consistent with Jingbo holding group in terms of culture, development and talents. The industrial fields planned by Shoujian agricultural group, such as pesticides, electronic chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, special new materials and high-end equipment, also have broad integration space with Jingbo holding group. Shoujian agricultural group will promote the next cooperation between the two sides with an open mind and realize joint financing and win-win results from multiple angles and ways starting from the industrial chain.


Wang Xuemei, deputy general manager of supply and demand value management center of Jingbo holding group, introduced the development history, industrial scope, financial innovation concept and mode of Jingbo holding group. It is hoped that on the basis of deepening cooperation in the agrochemical sector, the two sides will carry out more exchanges and expansion at the group level to achieve resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win results.


Cheng Daoquan, director of Jingbo holding group, chairman and general manager of Jingbo agrochemical, gave a comprehensive introduction to the development concept, industrial layout, joint financing mechanism and development plan of Jingbo agrochemical. He said that Shoujian agricultural group, as a "door-to-door" high-quality partner, the two sides can jointly build a supply chain, integrate resources, learn from each other and benefit from each other, jointly resist risks, avoid detours, share interests, and join hands to move towards the fast lane of development.

Zhang Hongxia, CIO of Shoujian agricultural group, hopes that the two sides can also work together in industrial chain, supply chain and integration of industry and education to give full play to their respective advantages, docking and linkage, cohesion and win-win results.



Jingbo holding group and its delegation also visited our company's R & D center and production plant.


In this exchange activity, Shoujian group and Jingbo group reached a preliminary consensus on joint financial co creation cooperation. The two sides will regularly organize exchanges and discussions in professional sectors to deepen the cooperation. It is believed that under the guidance of the "altruistic" values of openness and mutual trust, the two sides will comprehensively deepen the joint financing cooperation in multiple fields such as resource sharing, technology R & D, supply chain and talent training, move from general partners to comprehensive strategic partners, and pool joint efforts to create and win-win results.


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