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The economic operation analysis meeting of Shoujian group in the first half of 2021 was successfully held

On July 19, 2021, the economic operation analysis meeting of Shoujian agricultural group in the first half of 2021 comprehensively summarized all the work in the first half of 2021, analyzed the production and operation situation, analyzed the existing problems, and deployed the key work in the second half of 2021. Shen Xiaofeng, chairman of Shoujian agricultural group, Li Jianjun, CEO, Zhang Hongxia, chief information officer and other leaders, as well as the main heads of various departments and employee representatives attended the meeting.


First of all, all departments of Shoujian agricultural group successively reported the work completion, highlights and existing problems in the first half of 2021, as well as the work focus, work planning and ideas in the next step.

Subsequently, CEO Li Jianjun made a concluding speech. President Li fully affirmed the work of each department and sorted out the work of the five work sections in the first half of the year from a macro perspective.


1、 Market breakthrough, reform and upgrading, technical drug sales and preparation sales need to sum up experiences and lessons, focus on performance appraisal, and put forward higher standards in management from the sorting and reform of business model to the establishment and improvement of organization. 2、 Technology breakthrough, based on technology, drives the strategic breakthrough, transformation and upgrading of the whole company. The research institute is a strategic leader and basically takes the project as the core. To do a good job of the project, it is inseparable from the excavation and cultivation of technical resources, industry research and market analysis, and project incubation and management. The organization construction, talent training and work mode exploration of the research institute should be made clear quickly. 3、 We have done a lot of work in production, with remarkable achievements, heavy historical debts, great pressure from the government, and at the same time, there have been many problems, which reminds us not to neglect. We should train and build a team to fight a hard battle. The model innovation of the preparation factory makes a breakthrough in the preparation system through the innovation of profit model, lean production, 631 not giving up, and looking for opportunities to continue to promote. 4、 The administration is improving, and the company's management is upgrading and steadily advancing. We grasp the one line of performance appraisal, one line of project management and blue army projects to form multi department cooperation. 5、 Analyze the construction of Yellow Sea Science and Technology Research Institute, Yellow Sea Science and Innovation Industrial Park · Beihai Park and Yellow Sea Science and Innovation Industrial Park · Bincheng park.


President Li stressed the priorities of the work in the second half of the year: first, take PDCA as the starting point, clarify and focus on the objectives, especially the business model and work content development work, such as research institutes, preparation plants, new projects, etc; 2、 Focusing on performance appraisal, business upgrading, organization upgrading and management upgrading; 3、 Take project management as the starting point, train a group of management cadres, improve the speed and quality of project promotion, and consolidate the management foundation of the company. For projects that have been started, it is particularly emphasized that investment income analysis is the focus; 4、 Take the employment of new employees as the starting point to improve the environment, policies and methods of talent training.


President Li mentioned that the growth of cadres is the foundation of everything and the prerequisite for taking value as the key link and building the foundation of management. Our cadres are growing rapidly from the perspective of history, five plates and four elements.

We firmly believe that we can do it. Through unremitting efforts, we will succeed!

President Li requested that all departments should fully understand the importance of the work of the economic operation analysis meeting, pay close attention to all work, and ensure that all departments complete the objectives and tasks with quality and quantity. President Li once again stressed that training and selecting outstanding young cadres is a major event of the company. He placed high hopes on the growth of young and middle-aged cadres and put forward clear requirements.

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