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Shoujian wisdom city · Zhihui Bincheng 2021 Bincheng key industry high level talent entrepreneurship competition high end chemical industry and new materials

On May 21, the high-end chemical and new materials competition for high-level talents in key industries of Bincheng District was held in Binzhou Baisheng international hotel. As one of the organizing units, Shoujian agriculture group and Huanghai science and Technology Research Institute participated in the whole process of project evaluation, award and contract signing.


At 8:00 in the morning, the contestants came on stage one after another. The jury is composed of Hao Jingcheng, Dean and doctoral supervisor of School of chemical engineering of Shandong University, Da Jianwen, vice chairman of Zibo CPPCC, former president of Qilu Petrochemical Research Institute, and Yu Xindi, CTO of the company. After fierce roadshow competition, the jury selected one first prize, two second prizes, three third prizes and ten winners. The "photoinitiator industrialization project" to be incubated and introduced by the company won the first prize, the "mercury free catalyst project" declared by Lanbin project team won the second prize, and the "microchannel research and development of hexanitroresveratrol acid project" declared by Kejia project team won the third prize.


At 2 p.m., the award ceremony of entrepreneurship competition was held in the conference room on the third floor of Baisheng international hotel. CEO Li Jianjun and CTO Yu Xindi of Shoujian agricultural group were invited to attend the award ceremony. On behalf of the group company, Yu Xindi, CTO of the company, briefly introduced the basic situation of Huanghai science and Technology Research Institute and Shoujian group, informed the investment promotion policy of Huanghai science and Technology Industrial Park, and encouraged the project participants to settle in Binzhou and land in Huanghai science and technology park.


Subsequently, the outstanding projects were signed on site, and CEO Li Jianjun signed the award-winning projects on behalf of Huanghai science and technology park. Wang Jingxu, the first prize winner and project leader of photoinitiator industrial production, and Ma Qiang, the second prize winner and project leader of mercury free catalyst, came to the stage and signed contracts respectively.


This competition is a special competition for high-end chemical industry and new materials. With the end of the award ceremony, this competition officially came to an end, and the new generation of information technology competition also officially started.


At night, the company warmly receives all the project leaders, specifically discusses the seamless connection of the project landing, and more projects will be incubated and transformed in the industrial park.

The high-level talent entrepreneurship competition of key industries of "wisdom city of wise and wisdom · Zhihui Bincheng" was officially launched on April 11 in 2021, and the competition period will continue until December. Organizing and developing high-level talent entrepreneurship competition is a concrete practice to implement the requirements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government for "eight comprehensive innovation", and an important means to accelerate the construction of integrated industry and education cities and industrial innovation cities.

At present, Bincheng is in the key period of transformation and upgrading and high-quality development, and all kinds of talents are urgently needed. Therefore, the special fund for talent development has been set up in Bincheng District, and twelve opinions on Implementing "smart huibincheng" project to promote talent strong zone have been issued, and green channels for talent service are established to provide preferential policies for high-level talents who come to Bincheng for innovation and entrepreneurship《 The opinions clearly suggest that the high-level innovation and entrepreneurship talents team that is fully introduced will be supported by up to 10 million yuan of scientific research and 50 million yuan of fund support. In addition, Bincheng will provide comprehensive services in housing security, spouse placement, children's schooling, health examination and handling of various administrative approval matters, so as to comprehensively solve the worries of talents after they are concerned.

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