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Initial construction | successful completion of the group's 2021 blue army project phased Report

On December 25, the phased report of the first blue army project was held in the east conference room on the first floor of the company. More than 30 people, including Li Jianjun, vice president of Shoujian agricultural group, Fu Peng, vice president of xinyitaihe, heads of some departments and all team members of the blue army project, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, first of all, through a vivid example, xinyitai and Liu Degang explained to you that talent training should have input before output. Educating people is like raising flowers. It needs to give seeds a process of growth and flowering, which is not achieved overnight.


Then, Ma Hui, the project leader of the blue army, led everyone to review the development process of the blue army team, once again defined the original intention of creating the blue army, and then reported the progress of project topics since May, including insect and fungus inventory treatment project, Lanbin organization control project, enterprise culture upgrading project and business model optimization project, The 2022 company personnel optimization project and enterprise publicity - new media diversification project are under planning. Finally, the project plan for 2022 is introduced.


Then, the blue army project leaders Wang Cunlong, Ma Qiang, Wang Hui and Chen Litang reported the project progress respectively. Blue team members Wang man and Wang Kangkang reported on the projects planned to be implemented next year, and introduced the project background and promotion plan in detail. Let's talk about experience, highlight, find deficiencies, make up for weaknesses, manage ideas, bright plans, clear goals, sincerely communicate, learn from each other and improve together.

Jia Weidong, commander of the blue army, made a concluding speech. He mentioned that in the future, the blue army should make more efforts in activating the organization and creating value. If it wants to make greater breakthroughs, the blue army members must meet four portraits: understand business, be good at communication, have potential and dare to shine a sword. Next, establish a trial and error mechanism in the blue army, strengthen teamwork and build a learning organization.


Li Jianjun, vice president of Shoujian agricultural group, made an important speech on the blue army project. President Li affirmed the achievements of the blue army project and encouraged the blue army's next work plan. He hoped that the blue army would continue to maintain full fighting spirit and passion in the future, make full use of various management tools, find and solve the problems faced by the company, and strive to play the role of a sharpener!


With the care and cultivation of the leaders of the group company, the blue team has created its own team operation mechanism, updated the knowledge system and created a positive team learning atmosphere through continuous training and collision. In the future, while continuing to promote the project, the blue army will focus on the renewal and fission of the blue army team, pay attention to strengthening the quality construction of the blue army, and strive to play the role of activating the organization and creating value.

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