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The "golden blue collar" training project of Shoujian group was officially opened

On October 29, the opening ceremony of Binzhou "golden blue collar" training project in 2021 jointly organized by Shoujian agricultural group and Binzhou technician college was held in the West conference room on the first floor of the company. Zhang Guanghui, director of Adult Education Department of Binzhou technician college, Tian Lianjie, deputy director, Zhang Wen, general manager of Human Resources Department of Shoujian agricultural group, Meng Linghua, deputy general manager and other leaders attended the opening ceremony. More than 50 people, including the "golden blue collar" chemical chief controller, chemical inspection engineers and employee representatives, attended the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Zhang Wen, general manager of the human resources department of the group, congratulated the opening of the "golden blue collar" training project and affirmed the achievements of the enterprise in adhering to the strategy of rejuvenating the enterprise with talents and paying attention to talent training over the years. He pointed out that the company is in a period of transformation and upgrading, and realizes high-quality development of the enterprise by gradually promoting the strategy of rejuvenating the enterprise with talents and strengthening the enterprise with talents. The "golden blue collar" training project is a fast track for the growth of highly skilled talents and an important link in the implementation of the company's "talent promotion strategy". He hopes that the students will fully understand the significance and role of this training, seriously study, apply what they have learned, integrate knowledge with practice, constantly improve their ability, quality and work level, and help the company's strategic development.


Wang Shukun, a technician in the amphetamine workshop, spoke on behalf of the students and promised to cherish this learning opportunity, seriously study theoretical knowledge and constantly improve operating skills.


Director Zhang Guanghui mainly introduced the "golden blue collar" training project and explained in detail the national training policy for highly skilled talents; Deputy Director Tian Lianjie introduced the learning methods, training plans and examination arrangements of chemical general control workers and chemical inspectors, and encouraged everyone to make full use of the learning platform to expand theoretical knowledge and improve practical skills.

In order to deeply carry out the integration of industry and education and school enterprise cooperation, the company has strategically cooperated with Binzhou technician college and Binzhou senior technical college in the "golden blue collar" training and "new apprentice" training projects. Next, the training outline plan will be fully implemented to help the transformation and upgrading of the company and lead the development of industrial quality improvement with the training strategy of innovative skilled talents.


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