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The first phase of 2021 summer training camp was successfully held

On the afternoon of July 22, the first phase of 2021 summer training camp of Shoujian agricultural group was successfully held in the West conference room on the first floor of the office building. Deputy director of the Management Committee of Shandong Binzhou Industrial Park, Liu Jue (doctor, master supervisor of Shenyang University of Chemical Technology) was specially invited to attend the ceremony. An Xiaonan, chairman of capital industrial construction group, Shen Xiaofeng, chairman of Shoujian agricultural group, leaders of the company in Binhai and all new employees from all over the world attended the ceremony.


At the ceremony, the video "memories of summer training camp" edited by new employees briefly reviewed the wonderful moments of new employees learning while walking, thinking and understanding during the 15 days of training in 2021 summer training camp. From unfamiliar to familiar, we gradually broke the estrangement, improved the sense of teamwork and deepened the sense of belonging to the company.


New employee hosting event

Then, as a senior, Dr. Liu took advantage of the work of Kenichi Tanaka, the youngest and most legendary Nobel Prize winner in chemistry in Japanese history  “ The case of "small staff magic counter attack" brings us the proverb of "craftsman spirit".


The ceremony solemnly promulgated the list of excellent teams, excellent class members and excellent individuals in the first stage of 2021 summer training camp, and the participating leaders presented them prizes and bonuses respectively.


Subsequently, an Xiaonan, chairman of Shoujian industrial construction group, gave us a wonderful speech in the "Yellow Sea" chapter. He said that over the past 20 years, Capital Industrial Construction Group has experienced the transition from tradition to science and technology. In particular, Shoujian agricultural group has fully opened the great cause of "Yellow Sea Research Institute" since 2019 and entered the fast lane of vigorous development again. It urgently needs a large number of courageous, capable and potential talents. He hoped that all the new first construction personnel would seize the opportunity to learn and forge ahead and quickly grow into talents on the first construction platform.


The ceremony was followed by a relaxed and happy buffet party. The cheerful "day up" dance, elegant girls' chorus, catchy dialect competition, talk show and other programs all carry the new employees' gratitude to Shoujian and express their vision for a new job. A landscape dance with unique Xinjiang Style ignited everyone's excitement. The climax of the party was disco jumping. The passionate bass excited all the cells of the on-site personnel. Let's dance and release. Youth, when so! The party ended in the chorus of "me and my motherland".

In order to enhance the sense of ceremony, cohesion and execution of new employees, the company also arranged military training, quality development training, Tai Chi, induction training, Binzhou surrounding investigation, reading and film viewing from July 8 to July 22, covering 35 training courses. All new employees said that they had gained a lot and were full of confidence in the future. After the first stage of training, all new employees will enter the second stage and enter the workshop for internship and observation.

From here on, become the first to build a large family;


From here, ride the wind and waves, dream to set sail!


May these new kindles shine brightly and burn with passion on the fertile soil of Shoujian agricultural group!

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