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The first construction of the first training meeting for project management practice in science and technology agriculture and chemical industry was completed successfully

From June 18 to 19, 2021, the first practical training meeting for project management of agricultural chemical industry was held in the West conference room on the first floor of the office building.


Attending the training meeting were CEO Li Jianjun, CIO Zhang Hongxia, CFO Zheng Yaochun, COO Zhao Wei, CTO Yu Xindi, general manager of Huanghai science and Technology Park Co., Ltd. Chu Dan and current key project members. This training is taught by Chen Chan, a well-known project management expert in China. Chen Chan is a project management expert of the practical school; Project management professional training lecturer, American Project Management Association (PMI) Certified International Project Manager (PMP), the teacher gives effective suggestions and reasonable guidance for enterprises to carry out project work.

The whole project management training lasted for two days and one night. Before the project management training, the training center of the human resources department made full preparations, collected the relevant information of the project management leaders, as well as some real cases in the process of project promotion, and conducted one-to-one communication with Chen Chan to ensure that the training was targeted. In order to ensure that the trainees can better absorb the content of the project management training, we should prepare the trainees in advance before the meeting.

On the day of training, Chen Babu explained from multiple perspectives, and deeply decomposed from the aspects of project start-up, project work planning, project progress, quality management to project management risk, project related communication, etc. the interactive teaching method was adopted in the course to set up the demonstration of project exercise cases, which provided professional guidance for the project development of our company. The team members participated actively. Through this training meeting, they mastered 678 methodology of project management, including milestone node, work breakdown structure, key path method, problem analysis method, project page paper and other tools. They deeply planned the progress of the project and made full use of Gantt chart to comprehensively analyze their projects

In the afternoon of the next day, each group selected Beihai project, preparation plant project and Beihai supporting environmental protection project, which were highly concerned by the company, to carry out practical case drill, PPT report and defense. Team members work together to apply the learned project management methods from the Charter, schedule, risk plan, one page of project implementation, problem management, experience summary and review to the drill case one by one, and analyze and report the project from multiple perspectives. Chief executive officer Li Jianjun, chief operating officer Zhao Wei, chief technology officer Yu Xindi and teacher Chen served as the jury to comment on each project one by one, and members of each group actively put forward questions, ideas and suggestions. After the training, Mr. Chen carefully prepared the case manual for the company, which provided support and help for our follow-up project work.


The whole two days of intensive training enriched the trainees, and Mr. Chen also evaluated the training process. Although the project management training exercise is over, the project management work is also beginning. The company has developed by leaps and bounds, many projects are in parallel, the time is tight, and the task is heavy. The company expects all management teams to make full use of what they have learned, do a good job in project planning and process control, improve the efficiency and effect of project implementation, and boost the company's transformation, upgrading and leap forward development with practical performance.

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