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Shoujian the 4th Dragon Boat Festival games of "youth

The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the four traditional festivals in China, which contains profound cultural connotation and rich festival customs. Dragon boat racing, eating zongzi, wearing sachets and other customs have been passed down in China since ancient times.

From June 8 to 10, 2021, at the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival, Shoujian agricultural group organized the fourth "youth Shoujian dream together" Dragon Boat Festival games in the whole company. This activity is an important part of the company's practice of "happy" culture. It aims to promote staff exchanges among various departments, gather staff team spirit, enjoy staff's spare time cultural life and practice the corporate culture of "happy work" through characteristic sports and activities.


Compared with previous years, this year's Dragon Boat Festival games are brilliant. In addition to the conventional Mini marathon, basketball match, tug of war, rope skipping, personal fast jump, intelligence breakthrough and other events, there are also increased e-sports, poker, table tennis and four kinds of sports that young people like × In the 100 meter relay and other interesting sports, ten events made the form of activities more young and interesting, which aroused the positive response of employees and ignited their enthusiasm for the competition. Nearly 500 employees signed up for the competition, and the whole company was permeated with a strong festival atmosphere.


At 8:00 a.m. on June 8, the opening ceremony of the Games was held in the open space on the west side of the office building. All senior executives of Shoujian agricultural group in Binhai attended the opening ceremony, and more than 150 athletes attended the opening ceremony.


Shen Xiaofeng, chairman of Shoujian agricultural group, delivered the opening speech. He encouraged everyone to unite as one and fight bravely in the activities to show the staff's style. Then the referee took the oath on behalf of Wang Xufei, and Liu Xueqing spoke as the athlete's representative.

The fourth Dragon Boat Festival games of Shoujian Agricultural Group officially opened! On the competition field, the athletes are active, hard-working, constantly challenging themselves and surpassing themselves, bringing one victory after another for their respective teams; Each team has fully demonstrated the super team spirit. They use their brains on the field and bravely break through the barriers. They are enjoying the infinite joy of sports while carrying out the fierce competition.

The first is 4 × In the 100 meter relay race, there are 19 teams, including 11 men's teams and 8 women's teams. The senior management team also sent teams to participate in the race. With the waving of the red flag, the athletes of our company are just like the arrow leaving the string, running out at the speed of the wind. They are heart to heart, passing one stick to another, showing their style in the competition. A track requires four people to build a belief, four people work together, and jointly deduce the exciting passion. In the end, the men's group, the production group, the women's group, the preparation factory and the technology group won the championship with 59'19 and 1'1'16 respectively.

Then there was tug of war, the players were divided into nine teams, two two games, three sets and two wins, and the winning team advanced to the next competition. The tug of war, which was fierce and inspiring, was carried out in the cheers of everyone. With the shouting, the players tried their best to fight with their opponents. The players on the field interpret a common word - unity in their own unique way. Their strong, brave, unity and cooperation spirit deeply affected everyone present. Finally, the preparation team 1 won the first place in tug of war.

At 2:30 p.m., the preliminary basketball match was held. On the court, the players worked hard and bravely, showing the positive style of our staff. The spirit of friendship first and competition second was really brought into play. The style and level of the competition were achieved. After fierce fighting, the market team and technical team finally entered the basketball final.

At 8:00 a.m. on June 9, the rope skipping competition started on the west side of the office building in the plant area, with 9 teams participating in the competition. In the competition, the team members of each team cooperate with each other. The rope crosses a beautiful arc in the air, and the team members of jumping the rope shuttle in the rope flexibly. With the passage of time, everyone's physical consumption is increasing, but the team members did not give up, and strive to complete every jump, fighting for the collective honor. In the end, the second unit of big market won the first place with 67 achievements.


Next, the fun competition of intelligence breakthrough started, with a total of 9 teams participating in the competition. Intellectual breakthrough consists of four levels: two people with three feet, intellectual Q & A, thrilling transportation and race against the clock. All of us are in step and go forward bravely, even regardless of their personal image, trying to gnaw watermelon and race against the clock. The atmosphere of the whole stadium is warm and tense, exciting and lively. After a fierce competition, the administrative team 3 finally won the first place.


Then there is a personal fast jump competition, which is full of fierce competition. Every contestant is vigorous and upward, and every counter member is dedicated, fair and fair. All athletes are ready to send the rope dance flying, reflecting the spirit of everyone not to lose. After competition, Wang Xufei, Logistics Department of men's group, Wang Hui of women's group administration department, won the championship with 332 and 400 excellent results respectively.

At 2:00 p.m., there was a fierce table tennis competition in the canteen of the factory, with 31 male and female players. Players are full of enthusiasm and a high degree of enthusiasm, wholeheartedly into the competition, and fully carry forward the spirit of fighting and enterprising. In the whole event, the participants showed their style and presented a wonderful sports feast. Finally, Zang Qingling, the Financial Services Department, won the championship by relying on his excellent technical strength.


Next, there is a poker match with Shandong characteristics. There are 30 groups of players in a group of 3, with a total of 90 players. In this competition, the direct elimination system is implemented. In the competition, the participants cooperate with each other tacitly, calmly respond to the competition, and the atmosphere is warm and wonderful. Group from 30 into 15 preliminaries, and then to 15 into 8, 8 into 4, 4 into 2, finally four teams reached the final. The activity showed the staff's positive mental outlook and colorful cultural life, stimulated everyone's enthusiasm and interest, enhanced the collective cohesion, and also provided the company's "enough" fans with the opportunity to communicate, exchange skills and relax, creating a relaxed, happy and peaceful festival atmosphere. Finally, Zhang Wenfeng of the engineering department won the first place in the qualification competition.


At 7 a.m. on June 10, the mini marathon was held in Bailu Lake Park, a provincial Wetland Park. The competition is divided into 10km men's and women's Mini marathons and 5km women's free running. A total of 148 people from companies and factories participated in the competition. After one and a half hours of competition, Zhang Baoliang from the environmental protection department of the factory won the men's Mini marathon champion with a score of 41'23 '; Liu Xueqing from the preparation factory won the women's Mini marathon champion with a score of 49'45'; Zhou Hongying from the synthesis technology department won the free running champion with a score of 28'13 '.


At 9:30 a.m. on the 10th, the young people's favorite competition "glory of the king" officially began. A total of 50 contestants participated in the competition, which consists of 10 groups and 5 people. Although the players of each team are conscientious and good employees in their posts, they are unambiguous in playing the game. This competition can be described as a gathering of experts, each strength is very strong, in the fierce confrontation, the situation was once in anxiety, for a time, the players are hard to win. All kinds of fancy show operation, limit anti kill, wonderful degree is no less than professional competition. The audience also carefully watched the competition of the players on the stage, cheering for each player on the scene. Finally, after a fierce "confrontation", the "Baize team" won the champion of the king's glory competition.


At 2:30 p.m., there was a basketball competition for the first and second place in the basketball training base. On the field, the athletes enjoy the passion of sports, bringing the audience a rich and wonderful visual feast. After fierce competition, the technical team won the championship, the marketing team won the second place, and the production team won the third place.

At 17:30 p.m. on June 10, the closing ceremony of the dragon boat festival sports meeting was held in the square in front of the company's office building. The leaders of the company and athletes' representatives attended the meeting. Li Jianjun, chief executive of the first construction agricultural group, delivered a closing speech, and the company leaders presented awards and took photos of the winners and teams of various events.


In the activity, all staff participated enthusiastically, the company executives actively participated in the competition project, entertained with everyone, and carried forward the excellent team spirit. This activity makes every employee feel the cohesion of the company and the warmth of the company. Shoujian agricultural group advocates happy work and happy life, which is also the goal the company has been pursuing!

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