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Recalling the founders of Huanghai Chemical Industry Research Society: Fan Xudong and sun Xuewu


Fan Xudong (left) Sun Xuewu (right)

Fan Xudong, known as "the father of national industry" by Chairman Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai Shek, was the founder of "permanent yellow". As a little known scholar, how can sun Xuewu and fan Xudong come together and form a deep friendship? This starts with their similar pursuits and experiences. At that time, fan Xudong, who was under the age of 17, and his brother, fan Yuanlian, traveled to Japan together with his brother fan Yuanlian in 1900 because he was not satisfied with the corruption of the Qing Dynasty. He once left an oath on the back of a picture: "I would like to be silent and do my best in the future, and take photos as proof of my oath." "When the central plains were unstable, when there was a sense of safety and danger, remember this, men and men, do not forget it.". In 1910, he resigned as a teacher at Imperial University in Tokyo and returned home to realize his dream of saving the nation through industry. Sun Xuewu was five years younger than he was. In 1905, he was also less than 17 years old. He also traveled to Waseda University in Japan to study and attend the alliance meeting organized by Dr. Sun Yat Sen. later, he was sent back to China to participate in anti Qing activities. Influenced by the idea of saving the nation by industry, he was admitted to Tsinghua University's preparatory school for studying in the United States, and then entered Harvard University to study chemistry. Four years later, he obtained his doctorate with excellent results and stayed in the university to teach. At that time, it was extremely rare for a Chinese who suffered from the humiliation of foreign powers to obtain a doctorate degree from the highest institution in the United States and employ him to stay in the University. Nevertheless, he was determined to return home to fulfill his ambition of saving the country "not confused by the fame and wealth of the world". After returning home, sun Xuewu was hired by Nankai University to prepare for the establishment of the Department of science. During this period, he met many people who influenced his life, including Zhou Enlai (who was studying in Nankai at that time) and fan Yuanlian, fan Xudong's brother.


Yongligu factory

    When fan Xudong encountered difficulties in the production of soda ash in yongligu plant, Mr. Fan felt that industry could not develop without the support of science and technology. He wrote: "it has been a long time since China's hundred industries have been in decline. The whole country's needs are not huge or detailed, and they are almost dependent on foreign goods." "National life is always oppressed by the lack of materials." "China's ambition to strengthen its neighbors abroad is to be surrounded by the strong, while at home it becomes a tragedy of the weak and the strong." "There are many ways to remedy it, and revitalizing industry is one of the most important. It is true. Modern industry can not be established without academic foundation, and academic, non research can not explore its connotation, which is the first important task of research. " "It is the way to learn, and often become vague, or only know the principle but not the application, or familiar with the noun without seeing the real object. To those who study in foreign countries to study engineering, although there is some material for further study, but the people who get it from the heart are often detailed in the external feelings, and neglect the things in their own country. Once they go out of their studies and put them into practice, they are not without regret. If we want to consider the development of China's industry and academia, we should not make it possible for the researchers to have a close contact with industry, and the object of their research is all kinds of industrial materials. " (these words are like an empty cry to the scientific and technological circles for the realization of the Chinese dream today.) Therefore, he met sun Xuewu through the recommendation of his brother fan Yuanlian and Hou Debang. At this time, sun Xuewu was entrusted by his friends to be the chief chemist in Kailuan Mining Bureau. He was a rare Chinese executive in foreign enterprises at that time, enjoying the highest treatment of Chinese at that time. The meeting with fan Xudong was as good as before at first sight, and their common pursuit and experience closely linked them together. For this reason, sun Xuewu repeatedly declined the invitation of his ten-year classmate Song Ziwen to invite him to preside over the national scientific research institutions. He followed fan Xudong to Tanggu, a salt and alkali land, where his life was extremely hard. His salary was less than half of that in Kailuan. The purpose is to share the common wish in the contract they signed: "China's vast territory and people should not suffer from poverty or weakness. Therefore, poverty is entirely due to not learning; this tiny root cause is most easily overlooked, but he dominates the fate of China. Unfortunately, at the critical moment of life and death, there are still a few people who can see through clearly. If there is no group of people in China who are willing to settle down, do not take advantage of the heat, be not afraid of being annoyed, not confused by the fame and wealth of the world, and turn to their lives to create new academic skills for China Never give birth to new life The only way to do it is to invite a few like-minded people to close their doors and do it quietly and smartly, with a view to years. If we can make some achievements, we should never be selfish when we return to our country; otherwise, we should only rely on our strength and never be discouraged. ". It is this faith and oath that determine their lives. Just one month before his death, fan Xudong wrote in a letter to sun Xuewu: "the Chinese nation must have a class of stupid fellows. Only by doing what they believe and changing the ethos, can we really be saved.". That is to say, the dead words of the same purpose, which are still moving today, accompanied the life of these two "stupid guys who are not confused by the fame and wealth of the world".


Former site of Huanghai Chemical Industry Research Society

At that time, fan Xudong decided: "to establish the Yellow Sea Chemical Industry Research Institute in Tanggu, the center of domestic chemical industry, to carry out systematic research in accordance with the established rules of advanced European and American countries. It is the hub of industrial learning in the local area, and it is also the domestic industrial academic center. The world wants to clarify the academic theory, develop the source of profit, and contribute to the well-being of the people's livelihood of the motherland. ". At this time, he had found sun Xuewu, his confidant, and asked him to prepare for the establishment of Huanghai chemical industry research society, the first private chemical research institution in China, with sun Xuewu as its president.

The purpose of the establishment of the Huanghai society is clear in her "social features". The outer ring of the society is a gear, representing the power of industry. The inner circle consists of three parts: knowledge, reason and application. Embrace each other to show that they are inseparable from each other. As Mr. Fan said, "the Yellow Sea is the soul of a permanent group. Business and learning should be combined with thinking, creativity, and then promote production. Otherwise, full of its ability is imitation assembly, absolutely can not afford self industry. Design procedures, raw materials, equipment, all have to rely on people. If a country can't be independent in basic industries such as steel, acid and alkali, national defense and people's livelihood can't be solved. The people who run the industry should attach importance to knowledge, study theory, and more importantly, they should recognize the goal and not avoid difficulties to seek solutions to fundamental problems. As one of the leading figures of the Chinese Science Society at that time, Mr. Sun Xuewu reported at an annual meeting of the Chinese science society that "science and industry are mutually reinforcing in development." "Science is the driving force of industry. A country without a scientific basis has no industry to speak of." "Although science is the basis for the development of industry, industry is the vanguard of science propaganda and a special tool for popularizing science education. In the history of science, it is also a class (stage) in the development of science.". He also stressed the importance of the basic chemical industry: "with the basic chemical industry, all industries can flourish.". Under the guidance of this aim, Huanghai chemical industry research society, the first private scientific research institution in China, started her arduous pioneering work one after another.

In order to solve the technical problems in the production of caustic soda in Henan Province, Dr. Sun was in charge of the research on the production technology of the alkali plant in Inner Mongolia, The improvement of salt production was put forward, and some useful elements such as potassium, bromine, iodine, barium, magnesium, boric acid, borax and other useful elements were extracted from salt by-products for industrial and pharmaceutical applications. In order to cooperate with Yongli Nanjing plant and open up the pioneering work of Chinese self-made chemical fertilizer, Huanghai research society has successfully provided accurate data of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer production, equipment and materials. He also helped to set up the largest fertilizer plant in Asia at that time. For this reason, the Yellow Sea Research Society has participated in the research work of chemical acid, alkali and salt as well as chemical fertilizer.


Fermentation and bacteriology in the Yellow Sea

In addition, the Yellow Sea Research Society is the first research institution to set up the laboratory of fermentation and bacteriology in China. For example, high grain wine, soy sauce, vinegar, tofu, vermicelli, caramel, tea brick, etc. were all included in their research. Based on this, they helped to build many factories related to food, medicine and dye for the Anti Japanese war. The modern brewing method of our country was first studied and summarized by them in Weihai guanghaiquan distillery and Shanxi Fenjiu distillery. Even sun Xuewu, who is still an advanced microbial detection oil technology and microbial agricultural technology, has done a lot of research and wrote many valuable academic papers as early as the 1930s.

In the difficult time of the Anti Japanese War, Huang Haike overcame many difficulties, collected and cultivated a large number of excellent strains, and established a bacterial library with international influence. Fang Xinfang led the fermentation, the bacteriology laboratory and the bacterial library were transferred to the Chinese Academy of Sciences after liberation to form the Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

As early as 1928, Huanghai society began to research and develop aluminum. The first electrolytic aluminum ingot in China was also smelted by Huanghai research society. At that time, a model of a miniature aluminum aircraft was cast with this, and it was well-known.

In the aspect of marine development, the Yellow Sea society has studied more than 30 kinds of seaweeds with the spirit of de novo Vietnam, and used potassium and iodine in seaweeds.

Huanghai research society pays special attention to the investigation and research of domestic raw materials. Their footprints are all over the country. Sun Xuewu said: "as for raw materials, it needs to be thoroughly investigated. With a definite investigation, all kinds of manufacturing experts can start planning." Therefore, they investigated and wrote a large number of investigation reports. During the period of Huanghai's stay in Sichuan, there was a local arthralgia disease, which often endangered the life and health of villagers. In that year, several students of Wuhan University died as a result, and there was no medicine for this disease. After going to the Yellow Sea, through research and analysis, the root cause of the disease was finally found out. It turned out that the local salt contained excessive barium. Therefore, they took technical measures to eliminate the highly toxic barium in the salt. From then on, the arthralgia disease, which has long harmed the people, has been completely eliminated.


Summary of scientific research achievements in the 20th anniversary of the Yellow Sea

The research achievements of the Yellow Sea are numerous. It is not difficult to see that their research topics are not limited to chemical engineering, but also involve microbiology, food, agriculture, metallurgy, national defense, medicine, geology, etc. It's like an all inclusive small National Academy of Sciences. Why should sun Xianli, a famous philosopher in the world of chemical engineering, set up a research office for Philosophy in China? The answer is found in Mr. Sun's Diary: "the philosophical thought of a nation is the basis for all its actions, because only with thought can we act, have strength, and play an endless role. Just like the use of water power, the wheels of the wheel rotate day and night, which is not the instinct of the wheel. It is covered by the source of water "The Chinese people think that the ever-changing manifestations of modern scientific application are the body of science. Who knows that it is just like a wheel to water power. Nowadays, we only know the method of investigation, not the source of its power. ". It can be seen that he wants to set up a philosophy research room to seek the source of scientific power. In another diary, he also pointed out clearly that "the main reasons for the establishment of the philosophical department in the Yellow Sea are: first, to prepare for the road of scientific development; second, to prepare for the road of scientific development; one is to communicate Chinese and Western ideas; the other is to promote the integration of daily life with wisdom and theory; and many concepts in Chinese philosophy can also be refined by the furnace of science." "There is another reason for the establishment of the philosophy department, even if the Chinese have confidence. Everything has credibility, and then there is success. " Sun Xuewu was interested in philosophy for a long time. As early as he was studying in the United States, he often discussed philosophical issues with his colleagues. As a result, Harvard University invited him back to teach Laozi and his philosophy many times, but he refused. It can be seen that the Yellow Sea Research Society has made so many achievements because of their clear belief and sufficient motivation.


Grand Medal of the World Expo: permanent yellow history p87

The establishment of the Yellow Sea Research Society is by no means smooth sailing. As fan Xudong said, "running a chemical research society is a subject to be studied." "Chemical industry has formed the great wall of the nation today. How can it be achieved by working on it from generation to generation without sweating and clenching your teeth? Research is to lay the foundation for the construction of the Great Wall, which requires a lot of effort and spirit. ". Sun Xuewu also wrote on the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Yellow Sea: "looking back on the beginning, it is like sailing exploration, the ends of the earth, the boundless, a single leaf of a single sail, two comrades, at the beginning, no mark to follow, relying on our guide, only confidence, praying day and night, Jue only modern science rooted in China. Over the past 20 years, we have gone through rough seas and waves without subversion, which is the result of sympathy and assistance from all parties and the determination of the majority of members to face difficulties meticulously. ". Today, we are well aware that the research and innovation of a research institution is still faced with many difficulties in the era of social stability, government support, abundant funds and abundant talents. What's more, it is a miracle that a private enterprise can create so many China's first places in the poor old China without any experience and in the war years after several relocation!

The achievement is fully attributed to the joint efforts of Haiwang groups, such as fan Xudong, Li Zhuchen (Jiuda), Hou Debang (Yongli), sun Xuewu (Huanghai), etc. Such a leader with faith also has a large number of outstanding intellectuals, senior technicians and hardworking workers. Inspired by the belief of fan Xudong and sun Xuewu, Huanghai Research Institute alone has more than ten doctors and double doctors who have returned from studying in the United States, Germany, Britain, France and Japan. There are also many master's degree, university graduates and technical workers who have made achievements one after another in the atmosphere of Huanghai, which is not for fame and wealth, but for learning. These high-quality scientific and technological talents attracted to the Yellow Sea are the most valuable wealth of the Yellow Sea society and the greatest contribution of the Yellow Sea to the country. After liberation, they became the leaders or backbone of the national chemical industry system and the microbiology Institute of the Academy of Sciences, and continued to make contributions to the country.

In addition to the talents, the most precious thing of the Huanghai research society is their good style of study and style. As Mr. Li Zhuchen, one of the permanent founders of Huang, who was the Minister of the Ministry of light industry after liberation, said: "the style of study in the Yellow Sea, advocating free research, enlightening personal wisdom, exploring the mysteries of the universe, flying fish and flying kite, is very lively. If you can enjoy the drop off, the West claw and the East scale, it will be unpredictable and profound. People who have been practicing swimming have always felt like it. " "The Yellow Sea style, focusing on down-to-earth, although the vast ocean is like a thousand hectares of waves, and trace the source, do not abandon the trickle.". Sun Xuewu also often told researchers and his descendants: "academic research is a sacred work. People who do research should first have a clear mind and see clearly what is the so-called gain and loss of honor or disgrace in the secular world. They should take the object of study as their family life, cherish it, analyze it, arrange it, make it close to human beings and open up the openness between human beings and it Way. This kind of task can not be accomplished casually "! Only with such a style of study and style can we strive alone in the vast sea. Step by step forward.

Sun Xuewu is by no means a scholar in the group. Mr. Huang Hanrui, senior manager of Yongli Huang, who had been working with Mr. Fan for a long time, once wrote articles to introduce some little-known things: "in the 1920s, when the northern expedition was successful, when Nanjing established its capital, the Haiwang Group was faced with a crisis of survival for the first time The "Sea King" has been labeled as "the remaining evils of Warlords" by the new ruling faction, so how can we bridge this gap? Rely on Sun Xuewu. " "It was he and Yang Xingfo, an important official of the government at that time, who vigorously publicized fan Xudong's life and personality, as well as the creed and career of the Haiwang Group, who were greatly moved by the propaganda, thus clarifying the misunderstanding, avoiding discrimination and loosening the tie.". "In the 1930s, the Salt Department, in collusion with the British people, suddenly announced that industrial salt would have to pay taxes when Yongli produced caustic soda, which forced Yongli to increase the cost of soda production and make it unable to compete with British businessmen." after several struggles and the change of the old and new regimes, the government decrees and regulations were extremely chaotic, which affected the normal operation of Yongli and was in a very difficult situation. It was Sun Xuewu who was brave enough to be responsible in the difficult situation, stood up, ran north and south, fought repeatedly, and finally obtained the reasonable treatment of industrial salt tax-free for 30 years, ensuring the survival and development of Yongli. ". In the 1940s, during the Anti Japanese War, the factory was relocated, and the limited funds brought by "Haiwang" in Sichuan soon ran out. Hundreds of employees are having problems eating. After fan Xudong flatly refused to cooperate with the Japanese, he had to turn to the four big banks controlled by the four families for help. However, the bureaucratic group at that time had long wanted to eat "Haiwang" for many years, and was gloating at Yongli's embarrassment. How could he help generously? "In this desperate situation, sun Xuewu tried to find a way to survive Finally, he got a loan of 3 million yuan. With this loan, Yongli bought 100 trucks in New York, formed the Ministry of transportation, opened the Yunnan Burma highway, supplemented the equipment urgently needed by Sichuan factory, and saved the Sichuan factory and the entire Haiwang. ". In this way, Mr. Huang Hanrui wrote: "from the 1920s to the 1950s, sun's words and deeds played a leading role in the discussion of major decisions, which fundamentally related to the survival of the Haiwang Group! After the event, he was willing to stay behind the scenes, not seeking knowledge, indifferent to peace, and his spirit was particularly valuable. "

During the Anti Japanese War, after several relocations of the Yellow Sea, sun Xuewu finally decided that "chemical research should not be carried out in big cities, but should be combined with production", and the research society was set in Wutongqiao, Sichuan. From the day of the Anti Japanese War, he took off his usual suit and put on a Chinese style long shirt. Even the cigarettes, pipes and cigars he often smoked were replaced with Chinese cigarette bags. He said to his children that if the Japanese invade us, we should have the backbone of Chinese people and wear our own clothes to always remember that we are Chinese. When he first arrived at Wutongqiao, he prepared to build a research room in a private house during the day. At night, he often read "Water Margin" to the illiterate wife, who was called the "great meritorious official" of his family, in order to compensate for the difficulties he brought to his family, so as to enrich some of the family's life fun.

During this period, fan Xudong repeatedly persuaded sun Xuewu to accompany him and Hou Debang to the United States for inspection. At that time, Hu Shi was in the United States as an ambassador to the United States, and Hu Shi was also a good friend of the Chinese Science Society founded by Mr. Sun and others. In the United States, there are more old classmates and friends from Harvard University who are experts and scholars in American chemical industry. Of course, they also hope that he will visit, but they are all declined by him one by one. Later, he and his children explained, "you don't understand how I felt when I was studying and teaching in the United States. As a Chinese, they look down on us because of the poverty and backwardness of our motherland and the aggression of the world powers. It is because of this that I have to work hard to read, and I also want to show them that the Chinese people are not inferior to them. Although I have made some academic achievements, in the eyes of Americans, I am always a scholar in a weak country. They look down on China, always make me suffer a sense of humiliation. At that time, I vowed to study hard, to be better than them, and to do my best to revitalize the chemical industry of the motherland. At present, our country is in dire straits. I don't want to go to America at this time. I will wait for the victory of the Anti Japanese War and visit the United States as a scholar of a powerful country. ".

In the seven or eight years before fan Xudong's death, sun Xuewu had received more than 100 letters from him. In that war period, when communication was so difficult, it was very difficult to write a letter on average within 20 days! The sealed letter records Mr. Fan's true feelings. In the letter, there are not only views on the current situation at that time, but also regrets about work, as well as personal and family statements. For example, before his death, facing the victory of the war of resistance against Japan, he wrote: "because of the recent victory, we can see many old friends of our senior officials stretching their arms and grabbing into the air. But if we continue to enjoy this, the nation will rest!" "Born in trouble, die in ease. What do you think, man? Happiness is the root of national subjugation "! He clearly and his best friend vividly described the face of corrupt officials at all times and in all over the world, as well as their disgust! And the national worries.

Fan Xudong always grasped the most critical problems in the whole process of starting a business. When Yongli needed a large amount of chemical equipment during the Anti Japanese War, he personally went to the most dangerous front line of Yunnan and Burma to supervise the transportation of Yongli equipment. When the situation was very serious, he wrote: "I will stay here for a long time to keep the transportation affairs on track. For nearly 15 years, he did not take care of the daily chores. Now he wrote a check for one or two yuan in person, wrote an account, turned over a telegram, and once again restored the original scene of Tanggu. It's interesting. Old fan is still here. Brother will be happy to hear the news In recent days, the war on the Yunnan Burma Road has been overwhelming. The equipment that Yongli and his colleagues scrambled for were all destroyed. They are sad and hate people. There is no way to talk about it! " At this time, he did not forget to write a light topic There are quite a lot of articles to learn to be a transporter, so we have to wait until we meet to talk about it. This short half page is not enough to write. In a word, I can't imagine that I would have trouble with Burmese friends in my life. I never dreamt that ah San and I were so cooperative. It's interesting. There are no words that are easy to use except for "interesting". Ha ha, interesting! "

When the war of resistance against Japan was won, he also considered the development of Yongli There are a lot of people in the group, all of them are heroes, and there are many people who work hard in some areas. However, there are few people who can take into account the overall situation and self-restraint as the overall plan. This kind of elder brother is not well adjusted and the times are not mature. It is not without reason that we should not talk about the great cause. " "Over the past two decades, we have gained some experience. The ideal, to some extent, has been realized. It is really important to formulate the policy for the future. We're going in this direction. " "In my opinion, it is better to select and cultivate talents from the youth side, which is more stable. We teach him what we have done in the past. As long as he can digest it, a new life can be created. "

Facing the pressure and difficulties in front of him, fan Xudong often reveals his true feelings with his confidants In my own nature, it is not easy to run wild, because in this era, I have to be in a hurry, too reluctant, too busy, I don't know when and when I can get rid of it. " “…… My stomach is always unhappy. I'm really afraid of getting sick. If I get sick, I'll be in trouble. So, like an antique, I wrap it in cotton for fear of being damaged. " "It's meaningless to be obsessed with people you don't want to see every day. However, if you look at these creatures coldly, it's also wonderful. If you want to build a country like this, you can't get the same result as the old woman chanting Buddhism. You can't get the same result. It's interesting for all living beings to be unconscious. "

What's more interesting is that such an industrial giant commanding thousands of schools and horses will also have such a pen and ink in it: " Here, because of the low pressure in Siberia, it is suddenly very cold. Within three days, the difference is 30 degrees. The sweater in the box is put on again. Fortunately, my brother didn't have a cold, but the child paid homage to the doctor for more than 20 Hong Kong dollars. The Siberian wind has affected my little brother's purse. What can I do? " A great man with flesh and blood, optimistic, lovely and humorous is presented to us vividly. A great man, in the eyes of later generations, can make such unthinkable achievements like a God. Who knows that God can only be more grounded and popular if he has flesh and blood and knows the fireworks of the world, and will be more easily respected, close and learned by future generations.

Although we have not been able to get the content of sun Xuewu's reply to fan Xudong, we can imagine that this is a mutual talk between two confidants. When fan Xudong returned from the United States and traveled to Hong Kong, he wrote to sun: "in the United States From my younger brother's observation, although we are not as good as him in material aspect, I am not very surprised. Their significance to life is indeed better than ours. I am a bit ashamed. This is not something that can be cultivated in one generation or two generations. There is no significance in being a man like that. Brother asked me to refer to the system of other people (enterprises), I thought it was Bai Rao. Because no matter how good the system is, we need people to apply it. We can talk about it face to face. " This "eternal puzzle", leave two brothers in heaven to discuss it slowly!

We can imagine people's grief when they learned that Mr. Fan Xudong had left his career and group which he had been fighting for all his life because of overwork. In memory of his brother fan, sun Xuewu wrote: "when he was young, it was the corruption of internal affairs in the late Qing Dynasty, the disappointment of diplomacy, the cruel change of politics, and the crushing defeat of the Sino Japanese war. When studying abroad, he was ashamed of his neighbor's arrogance. All these kinds of stimulation go deep into his bones and feel that the country can't stand on its own feet and the Chinese people can't do their own shame. "Knowing shame" is the foundation of Mr. Fan's life-long deacon. Shame to the people's Congress! If you are not shameful, you should be a man. Knowing shame is like courage. If the society is shameless, the country will die. This is Mr. Fan's belief. " When we cherish the memory of Mr. Fan Xudong, we should not only praise his great achievements, but also look for his "source of life", his faith, and the whole permanent yellow group formed under the influence of this great belief! In the eyes of some modern people, our predecessors swear from the bottom of their hearts. To some modern people, they are used to hearing the "empty slogans". However, it is these vows that have become their lifelong beliefs. With all their life, including life, they can truly realize their commitment to struggle for!


Fan Xudong died of illness, Mao Zedong's Elegy: industrial leader, meritorious in China

When studying in the United States, sun Xuewu, who had only a suit of suit and could not afford a fountain pen, wrote only with a pen and pencil, so he was afraid of losing the eraser. After his own efforts, he became a teacher of the "heaven like" most academic institution in the United States, enjoying the status and honor that people (including modern people) respect, but he chose to return to "hell" "Like" motherland. In addition, he was very familiar with Song Qingling because he followed Dr. Sun Yat sen in his early years and later supported the revolution of 1911. When sun Xuewu's family was in Shanghai, he was often supported by Song Qingling. When Shanghai was liberated, Song Qingling arranged for him to go to a safe place to avoid the fire of war. He and Song Ziwen were friends of his classmates for ten years. After returning home, they should have had a higher status and treatment. Once again, he chose to be unknown. No wonder fan Xudong called him "the sage of the west" (the Chinese sage who came back from the West) as a permanent "widower" for 30 years. He was determined to "sell his pants and keep the Yellow Sea going" for 30 years. Why? The reason is very simple. He and Mr. Fan share the same "source of life", that is, they know the shame of the country and the nation.

After liberation, sun Xuewu wrote in Gongkai with a brush: "nearly 30 years since the establishment of the Yellow Sea, it can be said that it is a history of perseverance and persistence in struggle What we stick to is a little belief that science must take root in Chinese soil! " "Fortunately, a new China that attaches importance to science has been born. In terms of human resources, material resources and all conditions, it has never been superior to the present. I firmly believe that since China's history, I am afraid it is the time for science to take root in China.". To this end, he first wrote to his son sun Jishang, asking him to return home immediately and continue to be a widower in science with him (later president of Shanghai Chemical Research Institute). However, when his students in Nankai, Premier Zhou Enlai, visited him again and again at home, he declined to ask him to take on any administrative position or honor. He made it clear that the Yellow Sea studies social relations to the country, and he continues to do his lifelong research work for it.

In the third year after liberation, sun Xuewu left us with his best friend fan Xudong. Sun Xuewu and fan Xudong, one of the permanent Huang founders who did not have a share of the company's shares, completed their joint pledge of "if you can make some achievements, return everything to the country, and never be selfish". They will devote his whole life to the Huanghai research society, together with its houses (including his own residence), furniture, books, vast library, experimental instruments and installations, China At that time, the only "fungus storehouse" and so on were handed over to the state. Many celebrities gave him calligraphy and paintings, including several books given to him by Chairman Mao Zedong on his desk and inkstones given to him by Premier Zhou. He should be relieved that Premier Zhou sent him a wreath made of fresh white roses and a cemetery in Wan'an cemetery when he died. "Come naked, go naked". He didn't leave any assets to his descendants, but he left rich spiritual heritage which benefited his whole life! No wonder his good friend Mr. Hou Debang said earnestly that "Xisheng (Sun Xuewu) is an unknown hero to his death"!

I deeply admire each of his predecessors, and I am filled with emotion for their arduous efforts and miraculous achievements in revitalizing China's national salvation dream! We are also deeply proud that we can become the descendants of the permanent yellow people!

Sun Shijie, the grandson of sun Xuewu

In ancient times, there was the Yellow Sea Chemical Industry Research Society, and now there is the Yellow Sea Science and Technology Research Institute. The first construction will continue and inherit the Huanghai chemical industry research society, the originator of China's chemical industry established in 1922, and make contributions to China's chemical industry!

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