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Beihai Economic Development Zone & the first new material Beihai project successfully signed the contract!


On the morning of November 25, the signing ceremony of Binzhou Beihai economic development zone and Shoujian science and Technology Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 39000 tons of high-end herbicides and intermediate resources recycling and utilization integration project (hereinafter referred to as the Beihai project of the first construction new materials) was held in room 4030 of the District Management Committee. Ma Junquan, Secretary of the district Party Working Committee and director of the management committee, Shan Jiliang, deputy secretary of the district Party Working Committee, Wu Bingtai, deputy director of the management committee and director of the District Investment Promotion Bureau, Zhang Longhua, deputy director of the management committee and director of the District Finance Branch, and leaders of other units directly under the district attended the meeting. An Xiaonan, director of Capital Industrial Construction Group Co., Ltd., Shen Xiaofeng, chairman of Shoujian Technology Co., Ltd., Li Jianjun, CEO, Yu Xindi, chief technology officer, and other relevant department managers of the company attended the signing ceremony.


Ma Junquan, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of Beihai Economic Development Zone, said in his speech that Binzhou Municipal Party committee and government attach great importance to this project, and secretary she Chunming is also very concerned and concerned about this project. I am very glad that this project can be implemented in Beihai. Here, I would like to congratulate you on today's signing of the contract. The Beihai Party Working Committee also held a special seminar on the project, and promised to do a good job in the service work of project promotion from three aspects: first, set up nine service special classes, namely, comprehensive coordination special class, planning and construction special class, safety and environmental protection special class, administrative examination and approval special class, financing credit enhancement special class, industrial chain investment promotion special class, recruitment and training class, life service class and investment income special class Go deep into the project site to help solve various problems encountered in project promotion. Second, to do a good service strategy, we should provide strong support and help from the perspective of achieving the strategic objectives of Shoujian group. Thirdly, we should build a service team with excellent executive ability. We regard service items as the beginning of training the team, and promise: small things do not stay overnight, big events can't last weeks, internal affairs can't exceed three (working days), and foreign affairs can't be more than five (working days), so as to actively serve the enterprise.


In his speech, chairman an Xiaonan said that the Yellow Sea Science and Technology Research Institute and the Yellow Sea Science and Technology Innovation Industrial Park project had just signed with Binzhou a few days ago. Today, after the establishment of the science and Technology Research Institute, the Beihai project was officially signed, which is another milestone in the development and construction history of the first construction group. The first phase of Beihai new material Park, which can be developed in Beihai, is only the beginning. It is one of the projects of the municipal Party committee and municipal government's high-end chemical industry upgrading, industry university integration and industrial innovation strategy. It is also the result of Beihai military power secretary's personal planning, sincere invitation, and rapid promotion and landing of a large number of cadres of the management committee The new highland of the world's high-end chemical industry, Bohai Bay 19-6 condensate oil and hydrogen energy ashore and industrial transformation zone are the achievements of the government's high-efficiency services and resource advantages, which are also the historic opportunities and mission of enterprises' innovation and development. Huanghai is an open and borderless Research Institute of science and technology. It brings together many scientific research institutes, experts and enterprises in the industry, such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Huazhong University of science and technology, Zhengzhou University, Shenyang University of chemical technology, to give full play to the systematic advantages of achievements transformation, pilot scale test and industrial production, so as to promote the integrated development of industry and research. Huanghai is an industrial park for scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship. It is the first construction to provide the construction of basic software and hardware facilities. It will give full play to the efficiency advantages of the first intelligent Valley in terms of global double recruitment and introduction, absorb excellent enterprises and superior products to settle in the park, and help Binzhou's economic development. Today, thanks to your support, Shoujian promises to always take Beihai as home, stick to its original intention, forge ahead, increase income and glory for home business. Let's repay the witness of today's beautiful moment with actions and achievements. Under your witness, Secretary Ma Junquan signed a contract with Mr. Li Jianjun, CEO of Shoujian Technology Co., Ltd., on behalf of Binzhou Beihai economic development zone.

The project is an important part of the company's overall project of "one hospital, two parks and one community". It is also a major measure for the company to implement the strategy of scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, and boost Binzhou to build a "dual type" City integrating production and education and industrial innovation. The formal signing of the project today will certainly accelerate the pace of project construction again.

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