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Learn from the fine style of the army and inherit the fine red tradition

In order to learn the fine style and standardized management of the army and pay homage to the revolutionary martyrs on the eve of the National Day 2020, the company specially organized more than 40 outstanding employees and staff benchmarks to carry out the red tour activity of "learning the fine style of the army and inheriting the fine red tradition" in Anhui, Nanjing and other places.



The activity was proposed by chairman Shen Xiaofeng, organized and planned by the general branch of the first science and technology group, and led by Zhao Wei and Zhang Wen. Before departure, Mr. Shen made a mobilization speech. Mr. Shen said: I hope you can learn from the spirit of "Jinan first regiment": striving for tasks, striving for the first place, and striving for the first place. We should integrate this spirit into our work and strive to be excellent employees. We should also remind everyone to pay attention to safety, help each other and have a happy journey!

The first stop came to the garrison of the 66220 unit of the Chinese people's Liberation Army in Chuzhou, Anhui Province. The company and his party were warmly welcomed by the garrison troops. They visited the army brigade History Museum, and watched the subjects of interior affairs, Military Boxing, queue, and the decomposition and combination of light weapons. Colleagues from the same industry often exclaimed and applauded during the watching process. The leaders of the garrison troops expressed their gratitude to the company for supporting the army construction and introduced the glorious history and outstanding achievements of the army to us. This visit to the army let colleagues feel the execution of the army and the fearless spirit of daring to attack the front, which is of great help to the future work and life.

The second stop came to Nanjing and visited Nanjing Zhongshan Mausoleum, Memorial Hall of victims of Nanjing Massacre of Japanese invaders, Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery, Confucius Temple, etc. Once again, I feel the great achievements and noble personality of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, and realize the "three principles of the people". When visiting the memorial hall of the victims of the Nanjing Massacre of Japanese invaders, everyone fell into silence and grief, and offered a bunch of chrysanthemums for the dead compatriots. When visiting the Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery, I can't help but cry when I see the sacrifice of the 16-year-old martyr.


Bearing in mind history and cherishing peace, let us work hard, learn from the fine style of the army, inherit the fine red tradition, and better serve the enterprise and contribute to the development of the motherland!

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