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Bosch, the first industrial 4.0 learning trip

On August 21, CEO of Shoujian Technology Co., Ltd. (Li Jianjun) led the team to visit Bosch Automotive parts (Changsha) Co., Ltd. for learning and exchange.



Bosch auto parts (Changsha) Co., Ltd. is located at No. 26 Lixiang Middle Road, national Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise registered by Bosch Group in Germany on November 15, 2004. The company covers an area of 228000 square meters and has more than 4000 employees. The company's main products include motor for vehicle stability system and anti lock braking system, engine cooling fan, air conditioning blower motor and fan, window lifting motor, seat motor, wiper motor, wiper linkage, wiper blade, etc. In addition to the traditional auto parts products, the R & D and production of new energy vehicle parts products will be settled in Changsha, focusing on the R & D, production and sales of competitive products for China's automobile market. In the past 15 years since its establishment in Changsha, the company's sales revenue has developed rapidly with an average annual double-digit growth rate. The number of employees is 10 times of that at the beginning of the establishment, and the sales revenue is 30 times of that at the beginning of the establishment. In 2018, the company realized an output value of 6 billion yuan (excluding the operation data of songe, which has been independent from Bosch). Bosch is an important initiator of German industry 4.0 strategy, and has a unique positioning in the industry 4.0 field. Bosch is not only a leading practitioner of industry 4.0 solutions, but also an excellent supplier of industry 4.0 solutions. Bosch Changsha company is one of more than 100 industrial 4.0 pilot projects carried out by Bosch worldwide. Meanwhile, the industrial 4.0 demonstration project of Bosch Changsha company has been strongly supported by provincial, municipal governments and Changsha Economic Development Zone.


Wei Yan, general manager of Bosch auto parts (Changsha) Co., Ltd., introduced Bosch's origin, enterprise mission, business philosophy and future development direction in detail, and explained and displayed the application of industry 4.0 relying on information technology in industrial production.

This learning and exchange activity visited the modern workshop and warehouse of Bosch auto parts (Changsha) Co., Ltd. and listened to the introduction of industry 4.0. Feeling the accumulation of corporate culture and meticulous management, the value of information technology, the creation of fine supply chain, and the working style of striving for perfection all support such an enterprise to stand firm and develop rapidly in the increasingly fierce market competition. "Pursuit of excellence, can become excellence" our company will continue to learn from excellent enterprises, apply the knowledge and experience learned to the development and management of the company, and continue to strive to become an excellent enterprise!

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