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Shoujian | Shoujian Technology Co., Ltd. and Binzhou Technician College discuss a new mode of school enterprise cooperation

On the afternoon of March 9, Zhang Wen, deputy general manager of Shoujian Technology Co., Ltd., Meng Linghua, deputy general manager of human resources department, sun naiyu and Wang Manman, recruitment directors, and their delegation went to Binzhou technician college to discuss school enterprise cooperation. Han Zhugong, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Binzhou technician college, Gao Yingmin, deputy director of industry education integration development department, Zhang Haifang, deputy director of environmental protection and chemical engineering department, Tian Lianjie, deputy director of adult education department, and other leaders accompanied.

Before the meeting, the delegation visited the knowledge and practice hall, education and teaching and practice training places of the college.

At the meeting, deputy secretary Han Zhugong introduced that Binzhou technician college was established with the approval of Shandong Provincial People's government. It is a higher vocational college focusing on training professional and technical talents such as preparatory technicians, senior workers and intermediate workers, as well as adult education and social training. There are more than 5500 students and nearly 4000 sets of practical equipment. Among them, chemical technology is the key specialty of Binzhou service industry, and the application of electromechanical technology is the provincial brand specialty.

In recent years, the college has won the honorary titles of Shandong Province school enterprise integration cooperative school running demonstration college, Shandong Province excellent college for cultivating craftsman spirit, Qilu skill master characteristic workstation and so on, and has trained more than 35000 technical talents for economic and social development. In 2021, Binzhou craftsman college was inaugurated in the school to create a "model worker craftsman talent innovation studio alliance", strive to build the brand of "Wise Wisdom city and Tianyi empowerment", and explore many new experiences and practices with Binzhou characteristics.


Then, Zhang Wen, deputy general manager of Shoujian technology, gave a detailed introduction to the basic situation of our company, briefly communicated the experience, practice and progress of the enterprise in building a "scientific and technological innovation" organization and a demonstration unit of "integration of industry and education", and spoke highly of the achievements made by Binzhou Technician College in recent years. He said that the cooperation between the two sides has broad prospects and great potential.


Subsequently, in-depth exchanges were conducted on order training, joint school running, resource sharing, named classes, new apprenticeship, employee ability improvement, teacher practice base construction, industrial alliance and other aspects, and a consensus on cooperation was reached.


Finally, we will discuss the establishment of new school enterprise cooperation institutions according to the established, and form a timetable and road map to promote cooperation. We will focus on the construction of the North Campus of Binzhou technician college and Binzhou craftsman College as an opportunity to identify the entry point of cooperation, further closely connect and make solid progress, so as to lay a solid foundation for school enterprise cooperation and talent training in the next step.

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