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The science and Technology Conference of the first agricultural group was successfully held in 2022

——Stimulate scientific and technological forces and condense innovation vitality

In order to further implement the development strategy of "leading scientific innovation and strengthening enterprises through science and technology", accelerate the exploration of the Yellow Sea model of "R & D + pilot test + transformation + vocational education" and build an industrial innovative enterprise, the "2022 annual science and Technology Conference of the first agricultural group · Yellow Sea academy of science and technology" was held on the morning of December 22. The executive leadership team of Shoujian agricultural group, heads of subsidiary companies and departments, and cadres above the middle level of each department attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Shen Xiaofeng, chairman of Shoujian agricultural group, made an interpretation of the science and technology conference, introduced in detail the background and purpose of the conference, relevant plans and future work pattern, and summarized the work carried out by the Yellow Sea Institute of science and technology. He said that the group attaches great importance to the scientific and technological work of enterprises, speeds up the transformation and application of innovative achievements and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements with intellectual property rights as the core, promotes the creation and reserve of independent intellectual property rights, provides a good environment for scientific and technological innovation, and combines "soft" and "hard" strength to create core competitiveness.


Then, Yu Xindi, vice president of Huanghai Academy of science and technology, introduced the relevant plans to promote scientific and technological work, and explained in detail the four measures of laboratory construction and scientific research project management, project consulting service management, patent management and scientific and technological incentives. She said that these measures will strengthen the construction of scientific and technological work of the group and support all innovation subjects to seize development opportunities, Solve the problem of neck sticking and promote various scientific and technological innovation work in an efficient and orderly manner.


Finally, an Xiaonan, chairman of capital industrial construction group, reviewed and summarized the work and efforts of the first builder and made an important speech. He stressed the need to actively adapt to the changes of the times, recognize the new situation, focus on science and technology, adhere to the development orientation of strengthening enterprises through science and technology, require everyone to "bravely undertake new missions, temper new styles", constantly move towards new heights in honing, forge ahead with the confidence of "common desire" and indomitable perseverance, and strive to build an agricultural group into a strong enterprise through science and technology!


The convening of this science and Technology Conference defined the development orientation of "strengthening enterprises through science and technology" and provided support for the further development of science and technology work; It has condensed the vitality of innovation and formed a strong cohesion of "strengthening the enterprise through science and technology". In the future, the first builders will continue to work hard, overcome difficulties and forge ahead, and jointly write a new chapter in the development of enterprise science and technology!

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