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The economic operation analysis meeting of Shoujian agricultural group in the third quarter of 2021 was successfully held

On October 19, 2021, the economic operation analysis meeting of Shoujian agricultural group in the third quarter of 2021 was held in the West conference room on the first floor of the company. Shen Xiaofeng, chairman of Shoujian agricultural group, Li Jianjun, chief executive officer, Zhang Hongxia, chief information officer and other executives in Binhai, as well as the main heads of various departments and employee representatives attended the meeting.


Firstly, some departments of Shoujian agricultural group successively reported the work completion, highlights and existing problems in the first three quarters of 2021, and described the next work focus, ideas and work objectives in 2022 according to the current situation.


Subsequently, CEO Li Jianjun made a concluding speech. President Li fully affirmed the work of all departments. The width and depth of the report have increased compared with before. The growth of our cadre team and business development are very clear and gratifying, but there are also many problems, which are heavy. We focus on strategy, strengthen organization and improve management. Standing at the company level, we have a long way to go.

Then president Li stressed the four key points in the summary of the first half of the year to improve management. First, take PDCA as the key point to strengthen the plan summary, especially the departments and leaders whose work direction needs to be clarified; 2、 Taking project management as the starting point, all major and difficult problems have been managed by the project, and great progress has been made, especially in several key departments; 3、 Taking performance appraisal as the starting point, the project has been concluded in the middle of the year, but we have just started. Salary, performance and management are the most fundamental main line of management for an enterprise. We still have a lot of work to do and focus on promoting it; 4、 Take the employment of new employees as the starting point, strengthen the level of human resource management with the entry of new employees, and give full play to the importance of human resources. At the meeting, President Li also proposed the progress of five sectors, including market, technology, production, administration and base construction. The main line of technology is the project of the Research Institute and the incubation and construction of the company.

President Li repeatedly stressed in the working meeting from July to September that we should take the digitization of safety and environmental protection as a long-term competitive advantage, establish the first opportunity in the trend of green chemistry and intelligent chemistry, change passivity into initiative and become a bright spot. In terms of project management, it focuses on Beihai, science and technology innovation park and preparation factory. Salary performance and appraisal is not only a value evaluation system, but also a behavior guidance system. Our goal is to find the best people, provide the best customer service and realize the maximum business value. We take the excellent enterprises at the market end, service end and production technology end as the coordinate. In terms of production, supply and marketing, carefully study, summarize and reflect, and launch another charge to ensure a net profit of 150 million next year.

Finally, President Li mentioned the key work from November to December. First, continue to promote the annual work plan, the work and value created by the five sectors; Strengthen and improve management with four grasping hands; Safety, environmental protection and digitization should make advantages and characteristics; Focus on profits. 2、 To do a good job in the summary of this year and the improvement of next year, all departments should think about the pros and cons and summarize the gains and losses. In the transition period, our reflection and improvement are very important. From business direction and mode; Product development and promotion; Technological progress and upgrading; Organizational structure and post responsibilities; Clear responsibilities, rights and interests and coordinated operation; All departments should set new requirements for themselves in terms of salary performance appraisal, leadership reporting, experience and lessons learned and summary.

In the next work, we must follow the leadership's ideas, promote the transformation and upgrading of the company in stages, and establish our own competitive advantages in strategy, organization and management.

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