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Establishment of Huanghai Institute of science and technology

On November 7, the establishment of the Yellow Sea Institute of science and technology and the first high-end Seminar on scientific and technological innovation in the Yellow Sea was held at the Bohai Institute of advanced technology. More than 100 scientific research experts, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from all over the country gathered in Binzhou to discuss the new path of innovation driven, build a new platform for the integration of industry and education, and share the new achievements of talent integration.

The establishment of Huanghai Institute of science and technology is a great pioneering work of the integration of scientific research innovation and industrial development of Binzhou chemical industry. The Institute inherits the development concept of "knowledge, poor theory and application" of Huanghai chemical industry research society. It will focus on basic scientific research and application technology with green and intelligent chemistry, high-end fine chemical industry, multi-functional new materials, new equipment and reactors, etc., with the goal of building a regional innovative R & D institution with distinctive features, complete functions, resource sharing and strong influence and driving force We should innovate the key links of technology, adapt to the industrialization application requirements of new technologies, new products and new processes, highlight the intermediate experimental production, promote the close combination of science and technology and economy, and help Binzhou and even the national chemical industry develop with high quality.

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