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Economic operation analysis meeting in the third quarter of 2020

At 8:30 am on October 20, 2020, the third quarter economic operation analysis meeting of Qiaochang Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd. was held in the West conference room on the first floor of the company. Shen Xiaofeng, chairman of Qiaochang Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd., chief executive officer Li Jianjun and other senior executives and department heads attended the meeting.


First of all, the enterprise management department made a detailed report on the completion of target operation, production, sales, payment collection, logistics, inventory, and the progress of the project of the technical center, etc., and put forward the working ideas and methods of the fourth quarter through the comparison of the data of the same period in two years.

The second department and the purchasing department made a detailed analysis on the completion of the business plan in the first three quarters, summarized the highlights of the work such as internal collaboration, diversification of income generation mode, price trend research, sorted out the existing problems one by one, and reported the work ideas of the fourth quarter. The sales department analyzed the sales performance data from the two aspects of open source and cost reduction, carried out team adjustment and organization construction through process management, and systematically reported the next step plans such as CRM investigation team and winter storage campaign.


The production department reported on the completion of production plan, cost reduction analysis, quality problem analysis, cost, existing problems, especially synthesis, preparation, environmental remediation, personnel, small product size product sorting, etc., and made the fourth quarter Work Plan Deployment for production, safety and environmental protection and 631 project. Zhao Wei, the chief operating officer, made a special report on the 631 project. He made a detailed analysis from the following dimensions: the completion of the plan, the reduction of detailed costs, and the reduction of detailed expenses of departments. He also summarized and sorted out the positive measures taken by the responsible departments and the existing problems. At the same time, according to the gap between the target and the completion of the first three quarters, he made a detailed plan for the fourth quarter Set.


The technology center made detailed reports on preparation technology, environmental protection technology, engineering technology, intermediate project, biotechnology, synthetic technology, Beihai and Industrial Park, focusing on the construction plan and progress of Beihai production base and the Yellow Sea Science and Technology Industrial Park. The safety department and the environmental protection department mainly reported the work progress of the investigation of potential safety and environmental protection hazards, safety emergency management, safety and environmental protection training, special operation management, new project certificate review, cost budget data analysis, hazardous waste management and environmental monitoring work progress in the first three quarters, and sorted out solutions and division of responsibilities for existing problems. The finance department reported the problems in accounting, financial management, capital accounting, tax planning, team building and work, especially the preciseness of capital planning, individual problems of financial platform and the work plan for the next quarter. The audit department reports in detail from the aspects of audit, acceptance, inventory, supervision, and problems found in the audit project. Based on the survey data of e-commerce platform, the Ministry of information analyzed the impact of e-commerce platform on enterprise sales, and proposed solutions. In terms of information software application, it focused on the progress and promotion of DT project. The human resources department has made a report on the completion of organizational construction, strategic human management and cultural construction, and has made work plans and arrangements for talent recruitment, human resources support, especially cultural construction in the fourth quarter.


Finally, CEO Li Jianjun made a concluding speech. Mr. Li affirmed the work of each department in the first three quarters, and then summarized the work of the third quarter from three aspects: value creation, crisis awareness, technological innovation and the work of the Research Institute: first, value creation. Our company used to say that loyal companies are brave in taking responsibility, pragmatic innovation and creating value, which is the most fundamental thing for enterprises. The earliest talk about the pursuit of excellence, culture, strategy, organization, management, which are the core elements of value connotation. Since the third quarter of this year, a lot of work has been done in terms of work ideas, profit model, product development, organizational construction, learning and innovation. Production safety and environmental protection is the most important guarantee for enterprise operation. Lean production and 631 need long-term unremitting efforts. Technical work focuses on product improvement, cooperation and research institute construction. The administration has also done a lot of work. Now we need to think about what value is? Value is profit. If profit is to be sustainable and can be increased, safety, environmental protection, technology and administration should be carried out around this. Only through continuous in-depth research and detailed learning can the departments truly create value. The second is the constant preparation of crisis awareness, mainly including organizational crisis, safety and environmental protection crisis, product crisis three aspects, face up to the current situation of mismatch between organizational objectives and organizational resources, focus on the training of leading cadres and young people's sense of achievement, ideological and cultural construction, decision-making reward and punishment mechanism. Safety and environmental protection needs management and technical means in the face of the load situation, and the product side needs to do We should focus on the old products, seize the new products, and use the projects and research institutes to accelerate the optimization of product competitiveness. Thirdly, technological innovation and research institute construction, construction of project investment and incubation management system, implementation of project manager responsibility system, detailed division of responsibilities from the aspects of technology and product planning, profit model analysis, governance structure and human resources, investment progress and value analysis, target and plan management; foreign investment promotion completed the Investment Fair for Japan; park construction, three aspects The park, especially Beihai Park, is speeding up.

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