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Bring strong products to ace exhibition!

From October 12 to 14, the "20th National pesticide exchange conference and agricultural chemical products exhibition" (hereinafter referred to as ACE exhibition) sponsored by China Pesticide Industry Association was successfully held in Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall!


    At present, the pesticide industry is facing new opportunities and challenges. The safety supervision and environmental protection policies are stricter, the industrial layout is adjusted and the structure is optimized. The pressure of enterprise development is further increased. The world economic situation is grim and complex. This exhibition is the first large-scale exhibition of agricultural chemical industry under the situation that the global epidemic situation is still grim. Qiaochang Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd. showed its strong products at the exhibition.


More than 80 products were exhibited in the exhibition. Li Jianjun, chief executive officer of Qiaochang Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd., led the technical drug sales, preparation sales, production team and purchasing team to conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions with new and old friends in the industry, which not only maintained the cooperative relationship with old customers, but also developed some new customers.

During the exhibition, Qiaochang people warmly welcome new and old customers, explain the company and its products with new customers, communicate with old customers, exchange industry information, and understand industry trends.


Peng scientific research institute director of Shandong Provincial Institute of pesticide control and head of Shandong agricultural product quality and Safety Advisory Group Yang Lijian visited the exhibition hall.

General manager Li Jianjun and general manager he Zhaochuan communicate cordially with customers

Under the influence of anti globalization, the global overall form is more and more unfavorable to international trade. Facing new opportunities and challenges, the company actively adjusts the industrial layout. Starting from the three directions of resource integration and optimization, innovation and safety and environmental protection, the company carefully studies the market demand and constantly seeks innovation and change, so as to further promote the development of enterprises through the research and development of new technologies.

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