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Huanghai science and Technology Industrial Park participates in holding business invitation meeting for Japanese Enterprises

On October 13, Huanghai science and Technology Park Co., Ltd. participated in the investment promotion meeting for Japanese enterprises hosted by Binzhou Municipal People's Government in Beijing. After the meeting, the international business daily and China business information online published a report entitled "investment promotion meeting of Binzhou City, Shandong Province arouses Japanese enterprises' investment interest", which is comprehensively reproduced as follows: in April this year, the Japanese government plans to use 243.5 billion yen (about RMB 16 billion yuan) to help Japanese enterprises in China transfer their industrial chain to Japan or Southeast Asian countries. However, up to now, only Twenty four small-scale Japanese enterprises responded positively to the Japanese authorities' policies, and most of them remained unmoved. The reason is that China's industrial chain cannot be replaced. Nowadays, China has become the largest single market for many multinational companies and products, including BMW of Germany, Toyota of Japan, Airbus of France, etc. at the same time, China is the largest importer of oil, natural gas and other products, and the largest consumer of imported food. Even during the epidemic period, there are still a lot of global capital that continue to be optimistic about the Chinese market.


On October 13, the investment promotion meeting of Binzhou City of Shandong Province for Japanese enterprises was held in Beijing. The meeting was hosted by Binzhou Municipal People's government, Bincheng District People's government, Binzhou Industrial Park Management Committee and Huanghai science and Technology Park Co., Ltd., and co organized by Japan China Economic Association Beijing office and Weiwei Zhihua management consultant (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Shang Libo, director of Binzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, presided over the meeting. It is reported that this investment fair is the first time for Binzhou City to carry out the chemical industry investment promotion activities for Japanese enterprises, aiming to implement the principle and policy of the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in Shandong Province, relying on the local chemical industry foundation, on the one hand, through the introduction of foreign advanced technology and management experience, promote the transformation and upgrading of local enterprises; on the other hand, through the introduction of foreign high-end chemical enterprises, increase the quality Quality increment and optimization of the industrial chain will drive the whole industrial chain from low-end to high-end.


The fair received positive response from Japanese enterprises in China, and representatives of 40 Japanese enterprises signed up to attend. After watching the investment promotion video of Binzhou City and listening to the introduction of Binzhou City leaders on the local industrial foundation and the policy of double recruitment and double introduction, Japanese enterprises on the spot had a strong interest in this hot land of investment.


It is understood that Shandong Province is the province with the largest number of chemical industry parks in China, and has listed the chemical industry as a pillar industry with key support. Binzhou City is located in the Yellow River Delta efficient ecological economic zone, is an important gathering area of petrochemical industry in Shandong Province. In recent years, Binzhou Municipal government has closely combined with the actual situation of the city, firmly established the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing", thoroughly implemented the major decision-making and deployment of the provincial new and old kinetic energy conversion, explored new models, focused on new kinetic energy, cultivated new engines, vigorously promoted the transformation and upgrading of chemical industry, and achieved high-quality development.


At the conference, the Huanghai science and Technology Industrial Park has attracted extensive interest from many Japanese enterprises. According to Chu Dan, general manager of Huanghai science and Technology Park Co., Ltd., Huanghai science and Technology Industrial Park is located in Binzhou Bincheng chemical industry park of provincial chemical industry zone, which is the main carrier and platform for Binzhou City to undertake the landing of modern chemical industry and carry out foreign investment promotion. The industrial park is located in the high-end fine chemical industry and new chemical material industry. It is mainly established on the basis of the strong chemical industry foundation of Qiaochang agriculture and the rich scientific research and investment attraction resources of capital industry construction group. It covers an area of 1500 mu and has an infrastructure investment of 2.35 billion yuan. It is expected to be completed and put into use in 2023. In addition, relying on the four platforms and the Yellow Sea Institute of science and technology, the Yellow Sea Science and Technology Industrial Park focuses on building chemical industry park 4.0, setting a new benchmark for China's new and service-oriented chemical industry park, and becoming the maker of industry standards. According to preliminary estimates, in about five years, the industrial parks and research institutes will promote the completion of R & D and incubation of about 100 projects, realize the transfer and investment of about 3 billion yuan of technological achievements, drive the relevant industrial value of Binzhou area to no less than 10 billion yuan, and promote the entry of more than 10 science and technology companies into the capital market. At that time, the industrial park will become a comprehensive scientific and technological research and Development Industrial Park with perfect functions, reasonable structure and data management, and become an international scientific research and technology center with domestic and international influence.


At the meeting, Zhang Ruijie, the mayor of Bincheng District of Binzhou City, and other relevant leaders stressed that Binzhou City had issued a series of investment promotion policies and warmly welcomed chemical research institutions and production enterprises at home and abroad to build scientific research bases, pilot test platforms and production bases in Binzhou. The excellent business environment, all-round and thoughtful service, perfect industrial park and strong industrial foundation, supplemented by the strong scientific research strength of the Yellow Sea Institute of science and technology and the integrated service mechanism of production, learning and research, will attract many excellent domestic and foreign enterprises and top expert teams to the fertile land of Binzhou's chemical industry. Binzhou will also become a new high-end Chemical City in China. City and industrial base.


In addition, the experts from the leading group office of Shandong chemical industry safety production transformation and upgrading described in detail the future upgrading and development direction, relevant advantages and supporting policies, how to promote the project landing in Binzhou and how to solve related problems. With regard to Binzhou's investment environment, some Japanese enterprises said that Binzhou's comprehensive support policies on land, tax, rent, research and development, and talent introduction are particularly attractive, and they are interested in conducting research and investigation in Binzhou.

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