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The Yellow Sea Science and Technology Research Institute and industrial park project, Beihai project construction promotion scheduling meeting was held smoothly

On the afternoon of September 23, the scheduling meeting of the Yellow Sea Science and Technology Research Institute and industrial park project and Beihai project (hereinafter referred to as "Yellow Sea project") was held in the conference room of Qiaochang Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd., and Comrade Shen Xiaofeng presided over the meeting.


Company leaders an Xiaonan, Li Jianjun, Zhang Hongxia, Zheng Yaochun, Yu Xindi, Zhao Wei and other comrades attended the meeting. Wang Limin, President of Binzhou middle school affiliated to Capital Normal University, Yuan Jinhu, supervisor of Qiaochang Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd., and heads of various departments of the company attended the meeting.


Yu Xindi introduced the construction planning, investment scale and schedule of four projects, including the Yellow Sea Science and Technology Research Institute and industrial park project, Beihai project and the future community of the Yellow Sea.


Shen Xiaofeng briefed Bincheng District Committee and district government on the special scheduling meeting for the "Yellow Sea" project, and conveyed the speech spirit of Bai Pinghe, Secretary of Bincheng District Party committee and President of Party school, and Zhang Ruijie, deputy secretary of Bincheng District Party committee and district head. Secretary Bai Pinghe and district chief Zhang Ruijie clearly pointed out at the special dispatching meeting that the "Yellow Sea" project is a major and key project for the development of Shiguan Bincheng District during the "14th five year plan" period. We should give full play to the efforts of the whole district to support the project construction. The establishment of a special working class with the Secretary and the district head as the double team leaders, the leaders in charge and the main heads of the Department participated in the work, which highlights the extreme importance of the project. All departments are required to make quick decisions, take quick actions, break through quickly and get effective results according to the list of "ten one" tasks. All relevant departments should unify their ideas, strengthen leadership, integrate forces, reverse schedule the construction period, refine policies, seriously benchmarking, and accelerate the work of the Yellow Sea project.


Li Jianjun read out the responsibility list of the company's "ten ones" and the plan for the establishment of the special class for promoting the projects of the Huanghai Institute of science and technology and the industrial park, and made arrangements for the next step of the enterprise's work. He stressed that to be an excellent enterprise, the key is to research and develop projects and create achievements, and comprehensively promote the implementation of culture, strategic implementation, organizational efficiency improvement, and performance growth.


An Xiaonan, director of the group company, made a mobilization speech. President an further elaborated and interpreted the background, content and significance of the Yellow Sea Science and technology research and industrial park project. It is clearly pointed out that today's meeting is not only a mobilization meeting, but also a pledge meeting. It is the beginning of the great cause of the "Yellow Sea". The future is full of opportunities and challenges. President an stressed that with the care and support of the municipal Party committee, municipal government and district government, the project has entered the implementation stage of accelerated promotion. We must show the spirit of "struggle", show our love for Bincheng and the cause with action, combine enterprise development with urban development, and play an exemplary role in enterprises. We will invest 7.5 billion yuan in three years, create a new benchmark for China's high-end Chemical Industrial Park, become a "industry university research" demonstration enterprise, and create a new highland of Binzhou City and a new landmark of Dongcheng city. The battle of "Yellow Sea" is a great opportunity given to Shoujian and Qiaochang by the times, and a key battle for the industrial transformation and upgrading of Shoujian group in Binzhou, with great responsibility and glorious mission. All our cadres and workers should seize the Transformation Opportunity of the "14th five year plan", do a good job in the implementation of the "Yellow Sea" project, create wealth for the society, create happiness for employees, and let the "Yellow Sea" project be recorded in Binzhou history. President an also encourages all of you that the clarion call has been sounded. Let's meet the changes of the times with our actions!


In the summary of the meeting, Shen Xiaofeng asked all cadres and workers to conscientiously study and convey the spirit of this meeting, firmly establish the consciousness of "the beginning is decisive battle, the beginning is sprint", unify ideas, clearly assume responsibilities, and do not shirk responsibility and wrangle, inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of "striving for the task, striving for the first and striving for the first merit", and taking the attitude of "striving to be unable to do anything, and being attentive to moving oneself" In accordance with the requirements of the "ten one" task list, promote the "Yellow Sea" work and create new achievements.

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