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Qiaochang Anhui Zhongbang Bioengineering Co., Ltd

Huang Ziyun, chairman of the board of directors of Anhui Zhongbang Bioengineering Co., Ltd., and Wu dianliang, general manager of Anhui Zhongbang Bioengineering Co., Ltd., visited our company. Li Jianjun, CEO of the company, and sun Guangxian, general manager of sales, warmly received them. Zhang Wei, production director of the company, Mei Fengyue, Vice Minister of the marketing department, etc. accompanied the reception.

Anhui Zhongbang Bioengineering Co., Ltd. is an expert enterprise focusing on weed control and patent compound research. In recent years, it has made outstanding achievements in the field of rice resistant weed management. The two sides made exchanges and explorations on the development trend of oxazolamide, a secondary new compound in rice fields, the market application of alachlor, the technical scheme of oxazolamide and the application of southern rice solution in cold season rice in Northeast China. At the same time, the two sides made in-depth communication on the double sales of enterprises, giving full play to the advantages of technical drugs and exploring the market.

Mr. Sun and Mr. Zhang Wei, the factory director, accompanied Mr. Huang and his party to visit the planning and warehouse of Huanghai Research Institute of the company, and introduced the company's products and logistics.

Mr. Sun and Mr. Zhang accompanied Mr. Huang and his party to visit the automatic production line and introduced the production process, efficiency improvement and production capacity.


Mr. Sun and Mr. Zhang accompanied Mr. Huang and his party to visit the original drug factory, introduced the synthesis of related technical materials and the superior technical varieties, and made on-site communication on the in-depth cooperation of propafenac technical.


During the exchange visit, Mr. Sun and Mr. Zhang introduced to Mr. Huang and his entourage four major sectors of the company's future development, namely, the Yellow Sea Institute of science and technology, Beihai Park, and the production of technical medicines. Mr. Huang spoke highly of the company's technical advantages, infrastructure advantages, as well as the development of the group company from the perspective of investment and high planning. He also had greater confidence in the future cooperation between Zhongbang and the group company in the technical and pharmaceutical preparations. CEO of the group, Mr. Li and Mr. Huang agreed to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two sides, give full play to their advantages, and accelerate the development of cooperation between the two sides through the implementation of the cooperation between amphetamine.

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