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Qiaochang | Shandong University of science and technology

On August 6, 2020, Han Baokun, Secretary of the Party committee and professor of the school of mechanical and electronic engineering of Shandong University of science and technology, came to our company for research and docking of production and learning. During the investigation and docking activities, chairman Shen Xiaofeng accompanied Secretary Han Baokun and his party to watch the company's intelligent platform and propaganda film, and visited the intelligent warehouse and intelligent production line.


At the forum, chairman Shen Xiaofeng introduced the development of capital industrial construction group and Qiaochang Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd., and introduced the sources of industrial park projects of Huanghai Institute of science and technology. After that, chief technology officer Yu Xindi introduced the sponsors, governing units and operation mode of Huanghai Institute of science and technology. The Research Institute will focus on the four R & D directions of green chemical and intelligent chemistry, multi-functional materials, high-end fine chemicals and high-end equipment manufacturing (micro channel), and build a high-end technology innovation research and development sharing platform, and the scientific research results can be passed through the Yellow Sea Science and technology products The industrial park has been put into operation to realize industrialization.    


Secretary Han Baokun introduced the situation of Shandong University of science and technology teachers, scientific research team, undergraduate and doctoral students. He hoped that through this exchange, he could participate in the platform construction of the Institute from the aspects of talent introduction and industrialization of scientific research achievements. He also expected that the university would organize teaching teams to participate in the technical problems that enterprises need to solve, and jointly develop and conquer technologies with enterprises Technical problems. Zhang Qiang, President of the school of mechanical and electronic engineering, proposed that we could provide technical support in innovation and entrepreneurship, post doctoral mobile station, and industrialization of existing technology of the University.


Through this survey, we have promoted the process of university enterprise docking and cooperation, expanded the scope of cooperation between Huanghai Institute of science and technology and universities, and promoted the integrated development of university enterprise industry research. Next, the two sides will carry out further exchange and Discussion on the implementation of cooperation intention.

Zhang Xin, vice president and professor of School of mechanical and electronic engineering, Shandong University of science and technology; Chen Guangqing, director and associate professor of intelligence department; Zhang Hongbin, deputy director and associate professor; Wang Jianwei, associate professor; Chen Jinguang, deputy director of Organization Department of Bincheng District Committee; Wang Yong, director of public employment center of district human resources and Social Security Bureau; Dong Jingang, director of Human Resources Bureau; Zhang Wei, production director and Human Resources Department of Qiaochang Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd Zhang Wen, Meng Linghua and Zhang Wenfeng of Engineering Technology Center accompanied the investigation.

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