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Qiaochang | to create civilization in Binzhou, Qiaochang people are in action!

In order to further promote the construction of a civilized city in Binzhou City, create a strong atmosphere of city creation, let the staff friends participate in the city creation work, show the spiritual outlook of enterprise employees, and implement the sense of corporate social responsibility. On the morning of September 4, our company joined hands with Wenyuan community to organize the volunteer activity of "civilized city has you and me".


A total of 28 employees participated in the activity, including 7 Party members and 21 League members. Shen Xiaofeng, chairman of the board of directors, delivered a mobilization speech at the opening ceremony. Mr. Shen stressed that Binzhou City is in a critical stage. As an enterprise focused on by the municipal Party committee, municipal government, District Committee and district government, we should make contributions to the development of the city. At the same time, we expressed our recognition and encouragement to the staff and friends who participated in the activities. We hope that we can shoulder the social responsibility, show the staff style and corporate image.


Director Zhang Jianxing of Wenyuan community warmly received the activity group and said that Qiaochang company is a very influential enterprise in Binzhou, which has made a lot of contributions to urban construction. During the epidemic period, it also donated a lot of materials and funds. It is a company full of social responsibility and human feelings. I am very moved to organize public welfare activities together, I hope there will be more public welfare activities in the future.

Walking to community service center

Distribution of labor tools


Working time

From the small things, civilization is around you.

Create a civilized Binzhou, Qiaochang people in action!

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