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The economic operation analysis meeting of Qiaochang Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd. held smoothly in the first half of 2020

At 9:00 a.m. on July 20, 2020, the economic operation analysis meeting for the first half year of Qiaochang Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd. was held in the West conference room on the first floor of the company. Shen Xiaofeng, chairman of Qiaochang Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd., chief executive officer Li Jianjun and other senior executives and department heads attended the meeting.


The meeting was presided over by Ma Hui, the enterprise management department. First of all, the business management department made a detailed report on the sales target, the completion of production target, sales return, logistics delivery, inventory, technical progress, and the work of the administrative department. By comparing the data of the same period of two years, comparing the gap between the existing achievements and the target, the enterprise management department timely adjusted the working ideas and methods in the second half of the year to provide data support for the realization of the annual target.


The sales department has made a systematic report on the completion of annual targets, strategic layout, work ideas, risk response, highlights and problems in the work and the work plan for the second half of the year.

The production department reports from the aspects of plan, cost, quality, cost and existing problems, and the "631" project is also advancing step by step.

The technology center actively seeks for new profit points and strives to achieve the annual target by focusing on the projects, new technology and new project promotion of six profit centers. Technical director Sun Shoufu introduced the details of the Yellow Sea Institute of science and technology.

The safety department and environmental protection department mainly reported the work progress of the investigation of potential safety and environmental protection hazards, safety emergency management, safety and environmental protection training, and new project certificate review.

The financial department reported the problems in accounting, financial management, tax planning, team building, and the work plan for the next quarter.

The audit department reports from audit, acceptance, inventory, supervision, problems found in the audit project, and puts forward some suggestions for equipment procurement.

The Ministry of information makes a detailed report on the operation and maintenance of the system platform, the operation and maintenance of the financial platform, the operation and maintenance of hardware network, the construction of video monitoring platform, and the ongoing digital transformation project and other applications of informatization. 

The human resources department takes the introduction of talents, performance pay, training and development, employee relations as the starting point, and points out the necessity of continuing to introduce professional talents.

The logistics department has made a detailed report on personnel structure, warehouse leasing, sales and delivery, raw material procurement costs, etc., and actively responded to staff reduction and efficiency improvement, provided efficient logistics services for customers, and created a good logistics marketing environment.


Finally, CEO Li Jianjun made a concluding speech. Mr. Li first affirmed the work of each department in the first half of the year, and then led everyone to review the work of the first quarter. By reviewing the first quarter, analyzing the company's situation and tasks, as well as the objective and subjective problems, he determined the next step of work: persisting in the pursuit of excellence for a long time. Only by persisting in pursuing excellence for a long time, can the development of the company be closer to excellence. Looking back at the past two years, at the end of 2018, we put forward pragmatic innovation and forge ahead. We carried out the following elements: pragmatic innovation, change of work style; pay close attention to safety, environmental protection, technological innovation and profit points; build a team of operation officers and instructors; and cultivate market forces and growth points. At the end of 2019, it proposes to forge ahead, transform and upgrade, carry out work around market breakthrough, technological breakthrough, production lean and administrative streamlining, determine four major sectors of sales, technology, production and administration from the organizational change; expand the pilot project of 631 cost reduction and efficiency increase and lean production; technological breakthrough and organization of technical force into the sea; market department 1 focuses on efficiency, and the profit model and performance of market department 2 are flat Taiwan's breakthrough. In 2020, the transformation and upgrading of enterprises will reach a new level, and we will put forward the working ideas of looking at the development from two dimensions: horizontal dimension, market breakthrough, technology breakthrough, lean production and administrative simplification, which are in progress according to the plan; the values, strategy, organization and management of the vertical dimension require us to continue to change our working ideas and styles. The two dimensions complement each other to help the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and achieve excellence.

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