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China to promote differentiated management on high-toxic and low-toxic pesticides

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ChineseMinistryofAgriculturerecentlyheldameetingwhereadecisionismadetocarryoutadesignatedhigh-toxicpesticidedistributionsystemandasubsidysystemforlow-toxicpesticide.   High-toxicpesticideisserio

Chinese Ministry of Agriculture recently held a meeting where a decision is made to carry out a designated high-toxic pesticide distribution system and a subsidy system for low-toxic pesticide.


High-toxic pesticide is seriously threatening the quality and safety of agro product, which however still plays an important role in the pest control for China’s commodity crops like cotton, grain and oil. At the meeting of the Ministry of Agriculture, it is discussed that the pesticide management should start with the distribution channel.

The meeting highlighted the necessity of subsidy for the use of low-toxic pesticide, which is understood to be a momentum for farmers to use more low-toxic pesticide, allowing for farmers to recognize the benefit of low-toxic pesticide and increase the proportion of use of low-toxic & low-residue pesticide while the cost of pesticide application remains unincreased.


The ministry of Agriculture decides to establish 4-5 pilot counties in 5 provinces for designated high-toxic pesticide distribution; each of the county will set up around 20 demonstrative shops. In the meantime, subsidy system for use of low-toxic pesticide will be tried out in 10 provinces. The designated high-toxic pesticide distribution will focus on areas with commodity crops like cotton, grain and oil ,as well as fruit,vegetable,tea and garden; low-toxic pesticide subsidy system will be implemented mainly for horticulture,

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